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5 Reasons to Wear an All White Outfit

5 motive pentru a purta o tinuta in intregime alba
Dress / Rochie - (here/aici) | Shoes / Pantofi - Zara | Clutch / Clutch - Rosegal 

[EN]: Have you ever dressed only in white clothes, except for your wedding for those of you that are married? Probably, you tend to avoid wearing all white outfits for various reasons: you think you look fat in white being the opposite of black, white tends to get dirty super fast or you think your skin is way to white and there won't be any contrast. Well, I'm here to prove you wrong. Keep on reading and you'll find out 5 reasons why you should definitely wear an all white outfit!

4 Modern Ways to Wear Pearls

how to wear the pearl necklace
Blazer / Sacou - H&M | T-Shirt / Tricou - H&M | Jeans / Blugi - Zara | Shoes / Pantofi - Stradivarius | Pearl Necklace / Colier cu perle - Rosewholesale (here/aici)
Bag / Geantă - Rosewholesale (here/aici)

[EN]: Pearls never go out of fashion. They are those timeless accessories that we should all have in our jewelry box. Considered classic pieces, the pearls can be worn in every type of outfit: from vintage to classic to modern, from day to night looks.

Wardrobe Essentials: The Embroidered Jeans

ripped jeans with embroidery
Leather jacket / Jachetă de piele - Dresslily | Boyfriend jeans / Blugi boyfriend - | Top / Top - Mango | Shoes / Pantofi - Zara

[EN]: This spring is all about embroidered clothes and accessories, from tops, to jackets, to jeans and shoes. It's a must to own at least one piece that has some sort of embroidery on it. I've added a few items with embroideries on them to my wardrobe by now, some that you've already seen: like my two leather jackets and the beautiful shirt from a few posts ago.

The Vintage Looking Little Black Dress

all black fancy outfit
Dress / Rochie - Sammydress (here/aici) | Shoes / Pantofi - Asos | Bag / Geanta - here/aici | Earrings / Cercei - here/aici
[EN]: Have I ever told you how important is a little black dress for your wardrobe? I'm sure I did! But I'm going to repeat myself anyway. 

Boyfriend Jeans And Embroidered Shirt

spring outfit boyfriend jeans and striped shirt
Shirt / Cămașă - Zaful (here/aici) | Boyfriend jeans / Blugi boyfriend - H&M | Shoes / Pantofi - Bershka | Bag / Geantă - Sammydress (here/aici)

[EN]: I love wearing boyfriend jeans, mostly because I find them super comfortable and very cool looking when rolled up. And I adore this pair that I barely managed to find at H&M. It's so difficult to find boyfriend jeans without any rips! 

Accessories Essentials: the Watch from The 5TH

the red bag
Top / Top - H&M | Skirt / Fusta - Zara | Bag / Geanta - Zaful (here/aici) | Watch / Ceas - The 5TH (here/aici) | Shoe boots / Botine - H&M

[EN]: I've always said that accessories are very important in an outfit. They can make it or break it, even if it's a fantastic look. For example, you can never wear a watch with an evening dress. But you can wear it with casual outfits, with business clothes or even with a summer dress. 

Lady in Black in a Flower Shop

lady in black in a flower shop
[EN]: This week it's all about black outfits with gold details. This time I'm wearing a fancy black midi dress while surrounded by flowers. 

Romantic Look For Valentine's Day

how to wear a headband
[EN]: There are almost 2 weeks left until Valentine's Day and I'm sure that some of you have already started to look for a special outfit to go out at a fancy date with your other half. It's not easy to find the perfect dress for a romantic night and that's why I've thought I should make a special outfit to inspire those of you who are looking for a feminine dress and a romantic look for Valentine's Day.

Modern And Cozy Outfit For Winter

how to look stylish during the winter season Faux Fur Vest/Vestă din blană artificială - Zaful | White Sweater/Pulover - Zaful | Leather Skirt/Fustă - H&M | Over the knee boots/Cizme peste genunchi - H&M | Watch/Ceas - Asos
[EN]: Fluffy coats and sweaters are a must for winter! They are comfy and they look super stylish in the proper combination. 

Fancy Accessories - The Faux Fur Collar

zara green blazer
Blazer/Sacou - Zara || Faux Fur Collar/Guler din blană artificială - Dresslily (here/aici) || Jeans/Blugi - H&M || Shoe Boots/Botine - H&M || Belt/Centura - H&M || Choker/Choker - Rosegal (here/aici) || Earrings/Cercei - Sammydress 

[EN]: There are moments when we want to look special even during the winter season when it's so difficult to look amazing under so many thick clothes. For those times when we want to wear something fancy, but appropriate with the cold weather, we just need an accessory that fits well to the winter season's vibe. For example, a fur collar or a fur hat.

Alege Be.You.Tiful Luxury Herăstrău dacă vrei să te simți specială

adina nanes vision on fashion
Noi femeile suntem mereu în căutarea acelor locuri care ne facă să ne simțim, dar să și arătăm speciale. Și nu este ușor să găsești un asemenea loc, mai ales în București, oraș în care saloanele de înfrumusețare se găsesc la tot pasul. Spun asta pentru că de-a lungul anilor am încercat serviciile mai multor saloane și foarte puține au reușit să mă impresioneze și mai puține să mă facă să mă simt specială. Asta până ce am trecut pragul salonului Be.You.Tiful Luxury Herăstrău, despre care vreau să vă vorbesc în acest articol.

Living The Fairy Tale In A Winter Wonderland

winter fairy tale

Dress/Rochie - Rosewholesale (here/aici) || Shoe Boots/Botine - H&M || Earrings/Cercei - Rosewholesale (here/aici)

[EN]: I finally have my winter wonderland with mountains of snow and an all white scenery all around me. I love winter for the beautiful snowy decor and because I can take beautiful dreamy photos. When it started to snow a few days ago, I knew this was the moment when I could take some fabulous photos in the snow. And I had just the perfect dress for this photo shoot!

Fancy Winter Outfit

vision on fashion tinuta de iarna
Cape/Capă - Sammydress (HERE/AICI) || Skirt/Fustă - Massimo Dutti || Over-the-knee boots/Cizme peste genunchi - Amiclubwear (HERE/AICI) || Choker/Choker - Sammydress (HERE/AICI)

[EN]: The holidays are over now and with them so are our days off. But, I'm happy because after a short break from my blog, I'm back with a new outfit for you. Also, I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best!

Christmas Outfit In Shades Of Pink

christmas outfit in shades of pink
  Sweater/Pulover - Koton || Skirt/Fustă - || Shoes/Pantofi - Zara || Necklace/Colier - Rosewholesale (HERE/AICI)

[EN]: There are only a few days left until Christmas, the most exciting and beautiful period of the year. I've already decorated my Christmas tree and did all the shopping. So, it was time for putting together a Christmas outfit too. 

Winter look - The Pink Checked Coat

checked coat

Coat/Palton - Dresslily (HERE/AICI) || Jeans/Blugi - Zara || Jumper/Pulover - Koton || Shoe Boots/Botine - H&M || Bag/Geantă - Aldo || Choker/Choker - Sammydress (HERE/AICI)

[EN]: I usually going from one part of the town to another and because I don't own a car, nor a driving license, I have to wear comfortable, yet chic clothes. Plus, the temperatures are very low so I kind need thick clothes also. But, I'm not very fond of wearing many layers or big sweaters. A nice looking coat that keeps me warm it's enough.

Winter Outfit In Grey And Black

the grey military coat
Coat/Palton - (HERE/AICI) || Turtleneck Sweater/Maletă - Zara || Trousers/Pantaloni - Zara || Velvet Boots/Ghete din catifea - HERE/AICI || Necklace/Colier - Zara

[EN]: A grey coat is a must if you want to pass through the winter in style. If it's of military inspiration, even better. It's not difficult to wear a simple, yet modern winter outfit. You just need some basic clothes, a great coat and a pair of interesting boots.

How To Wear Vertical Stripes

cum sa porti sacoul lung cu dungi
Long Blazer/Sacou lung - HERE/AICI || Shirt/Cămașă - H&M || Trousers/Pantaloni - Zara || Shoes/Pantofi - Bershka || Bag/Geantă - Aldo || Choker/Choker - HERE/AICI

[EN]: Most of us usually buy clothes with horizontal stripes. I'm sure that each one of you own at least a basic blouse or pullover with horizontal stripes. And you usually wear it with jeans or something black. A basic combo that will always look chic. But, have you ever worn vertical stripes? Or do you own a garment with vertical stripes? If not, then you should definitely go and buy a blazer, some trousers, even a bag. 

The Emerald Green Sweater

winter outfit vision on fashion
Sweater/Pulover - H&M || Jeans/Blugi - H&M || Shoes/Pantofi - Zara

[EN]: Emerald green is one of my favourite colours and I love wearing it during the winter season, especially during the holidays. It's a powerful and elegant colour that fits very well into the holidays spirit.

All Black Look For Fall

zaful red bag
 Jacket/Geacă - HERE/AICI || Blouse/Bluză - H&M || Jeans/Blugi - Zara || Boots/Ghete - H&M || Bag/Geantă - HERE/AICI || Hat/Pălărie - H&M

[EN]: I was extremely busy the past few days with some personal issues and I wasn't able to make a new outfit post even though I had the photos for it. But, I'm going to get back this week with lots of great posts for you to enjoy.

The Perfect Colour For Fall - Burgundy

the perfect colour for fall burgundy
Blouse / Bluză - H&M || Vest / Vestă - SheIn || Over-the-knee Boots / Cizme peste genunchi - H&M || Earrings / Cercei - H&M 

[EN]: During the fall season , when the leaves are yellow, there are some colours that fit perfectly with the whole scenery: burgundy or emerald green. Today, I'm highlighting the burgundy blouse paired with a long vest.

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