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Fancy Winter Outfit

vision on fashion tinuta de iarna
Cape/Capă - Sammydress (HERE/AICI) || Skirt/Fustă - Massimo Dutti || Over-the-knee boots/Cizme peste genunchi - Amiclubwear (HERE/AICI) || Choker/Choker - Sammydress (HERE/AICI)

[EN]: The holidays are over now and with them so are our days off. But, I'm happy because after a short break from my blog, I'm back with a new outfit for you. Also, I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best!

How To Wear Vertical Stripes

cum sa porti sacoul lung cu dungi
Long Blazer/Sacou lung - HERE/AICI || Shirt/Cămașă - H&M || Trousers/Pantaloni - Zara || Shoes/Pantofi - Bershka || Bag/Geantă - Aldo || Choker/Choker - HERE/AICI

[EN]: Most of us usually buy clothes with horizontal stripes. I'm sure that each one of you own at least a basic blouse or pullover with horizontal stripes. And you usually wear it with jeans or something black. A basic combo that will always look chic. But, have you ever worn vertical stripes? Or do you own a garment with vertical stripes? If not, then you should definitely go and buy a blazer, some trousers, even a bag. 

All Black Look For Fall

zaful red bag
 Jacket/Geacă - HERE/AICI || Blouse/Bluză - H&M || Jeans/Blugi - Zara || Boots/Ghete - H&M || Bag/Geantă - HERE/AICI || Hat/Pălărie - H&M

[EN]: I was extremely busy the past few days with some personal issues and I wasn't able to make a new outfit post even though I had the photos for it. But, I'm going to get back this week with lots of great posts for you to enjoy.

How To Wear The Blue Leather Jacket

blue leather jacket
Jacket / Geacă - Dresslily (here/aici) || Jumper / Pulover - Koton || Jeans / Blugi - H&M || Bag / Geantă - Sammydress

[EN]: The majority of us own a black leather jacket. This is a fact. It's a versatile piece that can be worn with many things and it's very comfortable too. Also, it looks fabulous with jeans. The classic black leather jacket will never go out of fashion. But, this season it's all about colourful leather jackets: pink, blue, burgundy, dark green, metallic gold or silver. 

How To Wear The Grey Hoodie

cum sa porti hanoracul gri
 Grey Hoodie / Hanorac gri - Banggood (here/aici) || Jeans / Blugi - Zara || Sports Shoes / Pantofi Sport - Puma

[EN]: I'm sure many of you are fond of hoodies, especially the grey ones! They are super comfy and keep us warm. Plus, a grey hoodie can be worn in many colour combinations and it's perfect for a sports look or a casual outfit. 

How To Get A Casual Chic Look

casual chic look
 Blouse / Bluză - Dresslily (here/aici) || Jeans / Blugi - Zara || Bag / Geantă - Dresslily (here/aici) || Shoes / Pantofi - Amiclubwear (here/aici) || Earring / Cercei - H&M

[EN]: Sometimes we'd like to wear something fancy that doesn't scream too much. And this we can do by choosing the appropriate accessories. Just look at today's outfit and imagine how could have looked by not wearing the bag, the shoes and the earrings. Pretty casual. But, by adding the accessories the outfit went from casual to casual-elegant!

How To Be Casual And Chic

casual look
Blouse / Bluza - Rosegal (here/aici) || Jeans / Blugi -  H&M || Sandals / Sandale - Amiclubwear (here/aici) || Bag / Geanta - Aldo || Earrings / Cercei - H&M

[EN]: Even though the fall is here and the temperatures went down, that doesn't mean there won't be warmer days. After all, it's still September. So, there is time to wear off the shoulder blouses or summery tops. Of course, not paired up with shorts or skirts, but with girlfriend or boyfriend jeans instead. Exactly as I did in today's post. 

How To Wear The Red Polka Dot Dress

cum sa porti rochia cu buline
[EN]: I'm sure many of you adore polka dots and find them super cute. I also love polka dots, but the big ones, not the small ones. Thus being said, I wanted to try something different and went for a red polka dot dress with smaller dots. It's a classic, yet retro piece that will never go out of fashion and that you can wear for many, many years to come. So, you can invest in a quality polka dot dress.

The Perfect Blue Dress

vision on fashion blue lace dress

[EN]: Because the weekend is here, I've prepared a really quick post featuring a gorgeous blue lace dress from Sammydress (you can find it HERE) that it's perfect for any party or event that you might need to attend. It doesn't wrinkle, the length it's very proper and the decolletage it's very sexy. Plus, the colour, royal blue, it's very special and unique and the dress has an open back. The perfect dress I would say!

The Comfy Holiday Look

c&a set
[RO]: Pentru azi v-am pregătit o postare scurtă în ceea ce priveşte textul, deoarece nu am foarte multă inspiraţie pentru a intra în detalii. Aşa că vă spun doar câteva cuvinte despre una dintre ţinutele pe care le-am purtat în vacanţă.

Fii delicată şi elegantă cu Eden Lingerie

fii delicata si feminina cu eden lingerie

O rochie diafană şi feminină este întotdeauna o alegere excelentă dacă dorim să ne simţim speciale şi elegante. Totodată, un imprimeu floral fin va aduce un plus de feminitate ţinutei, alături de un machiaj impecabil. Tocmai de aceea am ales să port o rochie superbă de la Banggood realizată dintr-un material delicat cu imprimeu floral atât de uşor încât nici nu îl simţi pe corp. 

Holiday Look

tinuta comoda pentru vacanta

[EN]: As the title states, today's post it's all about the holiday look. When going out of town in vacation, I think all of us should wear comfortable clothes with a certain feminine vibe. If it's summer, then the clothes should be made out of natural fabrics so the skin could breathe through them.

Wardrobe Essentials - The Denim Dress

the denim dress
 Dress: HERE || Rochie: AICI

[EN]: The denim has become once again the main trend, so this summer we can find many pieces made out of denim. A great thing about denim is that is made out of cotton. So, during high temperatures our skin will be able to breathe throughout this fabric. 

French Riviera Style

french riviera outfit 
[RO]: Pentru azi am pregătit o ţinută şic şi rafinată, perfectă dacă plănuiţi o vacanţă pe riviera franceză. Aşa că, dacă ajungeţi pe acolo cam acesta este stilul pe care trebuie să îl abordaţi! O ţinută glamuroasă numai bună pentru zi deoarece nu este foarte ţipătoare. În plus, este combinaţia clasică de alb cu negru şi un strop de albastru.

The Stylish Coral Red Jumpsuit

salopeta corai womanfashion

Colourful Butterflies

summer outfit

Wardrobe Essentials - The Little Black Dress With Open Back

wardrobe essentials the little black dress

The Chic Grey Set For Summer

the chic grey set

Casual Elegant In Black And White

how to wear culottes

Looking Chic In A MC Concept Dress

the chic navy dress

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