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3 Special Ingredients for Valentine's Day

adina nanes lady in red
Dress/Rochie - Womanfashion.ro (here/aici) | Shoes/Pantofi - Condur by Alexandru
Necklace/Colier - Zaful (here/aici)
Location/Locaţie: Sardin

[RO]:  Sunt sigură că majoritatea sărbătoriţi deja Valentine's Day şi că aveţi totul planificat. Dar unele dintre voi poate nu ştiu încă ce să facă sau ce să poarte în această zi specială, aşa că am pregătit articolul perfect pentru voi. Nu trebuie decât să citiţi în continuare!

5 Dresses For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and those of you who are in a relationship or are married, you are going to celebrate the day of love properly. I'm sure you will go out and have a romantic dinner with your other half and for this you will definitely need a special outfit. 

How to Have a Temporary New Hairstyle

Are you a red head or a brunette? If yes, have you ever wanted to be blonde or to be a temporary blonde girl? I'm sure you're wondering what I'm talking about when I'm saying temporary blonde! Well, I'm talking about a total change of looks for a short period of time. A change that won't afect your hair colour and will last how long you want it to last.

It's All About The Tweed

adina nanes
Tweed coat/Haină din tweed - Zaful (here/aici) | Blouse/Bluză - H&M | Skirt/Fustă - H&M
Over the knee boots/Cizme peste genunchi - H&M | Earrings/Cercei - Zaful (here/aici) 
Brooch/Broşă - Twinkledeals (here/aici)

[RO]: Tweed-ul a fost şi este unul dintre materialele mele preferate. Ador jachetele, fustele, costumele şi chiar şi bluzele din tweed. Mi se pare a fi de departe unul dintre cele mai elegante materiale care reuşeşte să transforme o ţinută simplă într-una fabuloasă! În plus, nu se demodează niciodată, aşa că hainele din acest material pot fi purtate mereu!

How to Organize Your Travel Bag

One of my biggest pasion is traveling. I really like to go and discover new places, to walk on the streets of different cities and admire the architecture and the historical buildings. It's like I breathe a different air.

I also love to plan ahead what cities to visit next, where to go, in which period of the year. I usually like to travel during summer time, because it's easier with the luggage and also I don't have to wear many thick clothes that make me struggle while walking. Also, I don't like the cold and I find it so difficult to pack winter clothes, because they took lots of space in the luggage being so big. And you all know how messy it can be to have a big luggage and so many items. It's tough to keep them in order and also the biggest issue is when you have to get back and you need to stuck all the clothes you worn during your trip back into the travel bag. This is the part I hate the most about traveling!

The Importance of Having a Wig

I've talked to you numerous times about how important it is to take care of your hair and avoid dying it at all costs. It's super important to have a healthy and strong hair, but also it's important to change a thing or another to your hairstyle from time to time. 

Where to Find Dresses if You Are Invited to a Wedding

Did you receive any wedding invitations this year? I'm sure you did and many of you are thinking what to wear or where to find the perfect dress for the wedding.
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