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Animal Print And Leather

I've been so so busy lately and I think it's going to get even worse in the next two months, you know those awful projects that we have to do for exams at the end of the semester (we all know that we are making them in the very last moment :D). And the weather outside is great and we have to go to university every day and listen to boring interesting courses, oh that's depressing.

This was not my idea to start this post, but well I did it anyway. outfit post. This year I was and still am obsessed with prints (animal, flower, less geometrical ones) and you can see that very well from the pictures, and you'll see that in the future too :D But I love them and don't care if my closet will be full of flowers and animal spots :D When I took this photos the wind was very moody and my hair was blown away alot, so it's not looking it's best, but at least my blouse and other items stayed in place!

Am fost asa de ocupata in ultima vreme si cred ca o sa fiu si mai mult in urmatoarele 2 luni, stiti proiectele alea ingrozitoare de sfarsit de semestru, pe care trebuie sa luam nota si pe care evident le facem intotdeauna pe ultima suta de metri, ei bine incepe perioada lor! Vremea afara e frumoasa, si pe langa proiecte mai trebuie sa ma car si la facultate in fiecare zi la cursuri plictisitoare interesante, depresiv de'a dreptul.

Nu am vrut sa incep postul de azi intr'o maniera melancolica, darrrrr am facut'o totusi. Asa ca sa trecem la subiect....o noua tinuta :D Anul asta am fost si sunt, si nu cred ca se va duce f repede obsesia mea pentru imprimeuri (leopard, sau orice ce seamana cu blana/penele unei vietati miscatoare, flori, verdeata in general, mai putin cele geometrice) si acest lucru se poate observa in pozele de azi si in cele ce vor urma in viitor :D Le ador si nu ma intereseaza ca am sa'mi umplu sifonierul cu flori si pete de pe blana animalelor. Cand am facut aceste poze vantul era in elementul lui (ca de obicei, cand nu e vant in Bucuresti, probabil ca atunci cand stau eu in casa) si parul imi zbura in toate partile, asa ca nu arata impecabil (nu se aplica reclama de la Taft :))), dar macar hainele de pe mine au stat la locul lor!

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