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Nowadays people prefer to shop online for their favourite products, because it's easier and faster than going into physical stores. Also, all major vendors have online shops now, so why go out when you can stay at home in front of your computer and search for your favourite items. You can save time this way and also not stay and wait for your turn at queues in every store you go. Plus, you will also receive your order right to your doorstep!

Mermaid Prom Dresses

The prom season it's that joyful period when every student celebrates the end of an era and the beginning of another. If for the man it's a lot simpler to find an outfit, as they usually wear a suit, for women is a little bit more complicated. 

3 Things You Have to Know For Taking Great Street Style Photos

adina nanes
Blouse/Bluza - Zara | Skirt/Fusta - Sammydress | Shoes/Pantofi - Diane Marie
Straw bag/Cos din rafie - Bonprix (HERE/AICI)

[RO]: Am pregătit și acum un artico din seria ”Cum să faci poze bune”, de data aceasta axat mai mult pe elementele care alcătuiesc din punct de vedere vizual o poză bună. Aș spune compoziție, însă vă vorbesc mai mult despre ce trebuie să aveți în vedere atunci când fotografiați o ținută.

Gorgeous Long Sleeve Prom Dresses

I've already talked to you how important it is to get your dress early for your prom. It's better to be prepared beforehand than to go and find your dress right before the big event. Also, it's better to pick your dress from an online store, because they have a huge number of beautiful and unique dresses. So today, I am going to talk to you about an online store called 27Dress that sells fabulous homecoming dresses.

Fabulous Prom Dresses

Very soon will start the prom season and everyone will be searching for the IT dress. And I know it's a struggle. To go in stores and find the same models over and over again it's not really what you've dreamed of. But, I'm here to help you. I've found a site with amazing prom dresses and I thought I ought to tell you about it, it's called 27Dress.

Unique Jewelry from MyOwnNecklace

As you all know these days is hard to find jewelry with unique design and of high quality. I'm always searching for that perfect necklace that I can wear to most of my outfits or the ring that will look good with most of my jewelries. I love to be asked where I buy my jewelry from and this is why I put a big accent on quality.

VIDEO NO. 70 - MINI HAUL | Probez rochii midi de la Zkaka

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