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Nowadays people prefer to shop online for their favourite products, because it's easier and faster than going into physical stores. Also, all major vendors have online shops now, so why go out when you can stay at home in front of your computer and search for your favourite items. You can save time this way and also not stay and wait for your turn at queues in every store you go. Plus, you will also receive your order right to your doorstep!

Another great thing about online shopping is that there are major online stores, such as AliExpress and Ebay, where you can buy whatever your heart desires. For example you can find many items from China that have awesome prices that are sold in your country much more expensive. So why buy them at a higher price, when you can get them three times cheaper?! 

However, when you order online you have to track your order, especially when it has to pass throughout a very long distance. This is why most vendors offer tracking numbers, so that it will be easier for you to know where your order is. Of course, each delivery service has it's own website where you can use the tracking number they offer you, but not all of them are user friendly or have an English version. For this there are all in one tracking platforms like Tracktry where you can track your order. 
Tracktry is an online site that offers free tracking services for multiple couriers and postal services. On this platform you can track all your international parcels without any issues. You don't even need to know who your shipper is, you only need the tracking number and the platform will auto-detect the courier. And this is an amazing aspect, because it will save you a lot of time and nerves on trying to find out who will deliver your order.

Some of the domestic and international couriers for whom Tracktry offers tracking services are DHL, FedEx, USPS, China Post, Ali Express and many others. And speaking about China Post, you probably know very well that most of the packages that come from China are delivered through them, including the items ordered via AliExpress or the ones from dropshipping. China Post as a group includes China Post, China EMS and China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus. Unfortunately being a Chinese shipping service their site is not user friendly and I'm sure that not everyone knows Chinese language, so it will not be easy to track your order via their website. For this you have Tracktry, so that you can find out very easy where your package is and they will even give you all the information you need in your native language.

You can also find a list with all of the supported couriers by Tracktry on their site, which is a great thing, because not all the tracking platforms have these type of lists on their websites and the most important thing not all of them have so many couriers in their portfolio.

And the thing I'm most enthusiastic about on Tracktry is that on each page of their couriers you can leave comments and reviews stating your shipping experience, this way helping other customers in choosing their delivery service and also you can ask other users questions if you have any concerns regarding the shipping. And this is an amazing quality that only Tracktry has!

I hope you will have a great experience on Tracktry and you will tell all of your friends about this amazing tracking platform.     

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