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As you all know these days is hard to find jewelry with unique design and of high quality. I'm always searching for that perfect necklace that I can wear to most of my outfits or the ring that will look good with most of my jewelries. I love to be asked where I buy my jewelry from and this is why I put a big accent on quality.

Recently I have found a new online store specialized in jewelry made out of precious metals that can also customize all the jewels. To be more precisely, you can write on the jewelry whatever your heart desires. They can also make necklaces or bracelets with your own name. The store I'm talking about it's called MyOwnNecklace.com

MyOwnNecklace is a jewelry manufacturer based in Hong Kong, Chine and they offer personalized jewelry that are very trendy right now and in high demand. They have a big team of designers specialized in engraving jewelry or in transforming letters and writing in beautiful pieces of jewelry.

At MyOwnNecklace.com you can find necklaces made out of silver, gold, white gold, monogram necklaces, custom name necklaces, family pendants, name bracelets, rings and even various charms all crafted with love and a big attention to details, so that the final item to be of a high quality. They also offer very affordable prices for all their jewels and we all know how expensive they can be. Another great thing about MyOwnNecklace is that they offer free delivery, they ship internationally, they offer customer support 24/7 and probably the most important thing they have a 100 days return policy, but I'm sure you won't want to return anything.

When you want to personalize a jewelry piece from MyOwnNecklace.com you can chose what name or word you want to write on it, the lettering type for the initials and also the metal which is made from and even the colour of the stones. This way you will have a jewelry piece that no one else has.

I've felt in love with their heart shaped necklaces, especially with the one where you have two hearts in a circle. For this necklace you can chose to write on the circle the name of your loved ones and also you can chose their birthstones too that will be added around the shape of the heart.

Another fabulous necklace is the one with the family tree necklace. I think it's the most beautiful one I've ever seen. I love how the names of your family members are written and combined with the circle, it's so unique. The tree inside the circle is beautiful and another great thing is that you can also chose birthstones for each family member which will be added on the tree to make it even prettier.

I also love their monogram bracelets, especially the rose gold bangle. I think it's that type of bracelet that will look good with any outfit!
All of the pieces from MyOwnNecklace.com are made with a big attention to details and you can see from this how passionate they are about their designs and work. Each item can be personalized so that you will have one of a kind piece, so I encourage you to go and look at all of their jewelries!

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