Simple Bridesmaid Dresses From BMbridal

One of the main focus points in a wedding are the bridesmaids. Now days is a trend to have three or more bridesmaids and usually all dressed the same, same dress, same colour, sometimes even the same hairstyle. And the biggest issue is the dress.

7 Tips For Good Instagram Photos

adina nanes tips for instagram photos
Set/Set - Zara | Bag/Geanta - Zaful | Sport shoes/Pantofi sport - Under Armour

[RO]: După cum bine știți v-am mai povestit că nu este ușor să realizezi poze bune, că este necesar să depui mult efort și să planifici totul înainte pentru a obține ceea ce vrei. Cu toate acestea nu v-am spus ce fac eu pentru a obține poze bune pentru Instagram sau poze bune în general, deoarece sunt câteva lucruri de care țin mereu cont atunci când fac poze. 

How to Chose Your Eyeglasses

As you already know I wear glasses. My sight has changed ever since I was in my twenties and right now glasses for nearsightedness are my best friends. However things weren't like this all the time. 

Suento - Locul unde găsești liniște și mâncare bună

adina nanes suneto

Zilele trecute am pășit pragul unui restaurant nou pentru mine,.situat pe strada Toamnei nr. 101, în București. Este vorba despre Suento, un loc unde găsești atât liniște, cât și mâncare foarte bună pentru toate gusturile. 

Where to Find Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses

It's wedding season now and many of you are getting married soon, so why not an article that might help you a little bit with your preparations. I know how difficult it is to plan a wedding and take into account every tiny detail so everything can be perfect. And one of the hardest things to do is to chose your bridesmaid dresses. What kind of dress, what fabric, what colour, those are the main questions. So I suggest you to look a little bit online to see what you can find there. A great site that has bridesmaid dresses is Bmbridal.

Bridesmaid Dresses for Tanned Skin

Because it's summer right now I'm sure everyone goes to the beach or to the pool and tries to get the perfect tan. But also, right now is full wedding season and I'm sure some of you have some weddings to attend. Probably, some of you are even bridesmaids. 

Eyeglasses and Sunglasses from Jupitoo

Most of you don't know that I wear eyeglasses! Yes, I suffer of shortsightedness. It's not like I can't see without my glasses (which I wear mostly at home or in places that I really need them), but I can't see as well as the rest of the world, or as I saw a few years ago.
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