How to Chose Your Eyeglasses

As you already know I wear glasses. My sight has changed ever since I was in my twenties and right now glasses for nearsightedness are my best friends. However things weren't like this all the time. 

The first time I was in front of the decision of buying my first pair of glasses I didn't know what to do. What frame would look best on me and also which frame is more comfortable to wear all day long. It's not an easy choice and back then there weren't many articles that explained how you should chose the perfect frame for your glasses so that will suit your hairstyle and colour and also make your features shine. So, I went for black rectangle frames back then. But, when I changed my hair colour the black frames weren't the best looking on me and I had to change them into ones with tortoise print. If I would have chosen tortoise print from the beginning probably I wouldn't had to buy another pair. I also discovered a really helpful article on Jupitoo on how to chose your glasses taking into consideration your hair colour and you can find it here:

Another issue when going to buy a new pair of eyeglasses is to chose a pair that also showcase your eye colour. This is highly important especially if you want to buy colourful frames, because not all the shades will suit all eye colours. I have brown eyes, so for me it's easier because I can wear all types of colours, but if you have blue, green, violet eyes it's not the same. At Jupitoo I've found a really helpful article on how to chose the right eyeglasses for your eye colour and you can read it here:

And if you didn't hear by now about Jupitoo, well they are an online store that sells sunglasses and eye glasses and have a wide range of models with really modern designs, in various colours and for amazing prices. And they also offer international delivery and you can find more about them here:

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