Eyeglasses and Sunglasses from Jupitoo

Most of you don't know that I wear eyeglasses! Yes, I suffer of shortsightedness. It's not like I can't see without my glasses (which I wear mostly at home or in places that I really need them), but I can't see as well as the rest of the world, or as I saw a few years ago.

How to Have a Smaller Waist

I think there is a thing that all women desire to have and that's a really thin and beautiful waist line. Even in the past all women were tight corsets to accentuate their waist and look more slimmer. Now days there are many ways to have a small waist from doing sports that are supposed to shape your body to different types of clothing and accessories that can help you lose weight.

Lounge Wear Sets from Femmeluxefinery.co.uk

adina nanes

You probably know by now that I'm a huge fan of sets, especially of casual ones! I think this is mostly due to the fact that I have so many errands to do out in the city and it's easier when I wear something really comfortable, especially when it's really hot outside.

And I'm super happy to show you three of these type of sets, all from Femmeluxefinery.co.uk! I' absolutely in love with each one, but I think my favourite is the brown set!

Colourful Bridesmaid Dresses from BMbridal

Wedding season is in full bloom and everywhere I can see wedding dresses and beautiful bridesmaid dresses. I think it's a tough job to find the perfect dress and I think every bride is stressed when is trying to find the dresses for her bridesmaids. But, that's why I'm here, to help you find them easier.

VIDEO NO. 69 - BEAUTY NEWS | Ce produse noi s-au mai lansat: Seventeen, L'Oreal, 7th Heaven

Din nou pe Plaja Sensiblu

adina nanes plaja sensiblu

Ce este vara fără Plaja Sensiblu?! Și anul acesta am ajuns pentru prima oară pe litoralul românesc tot cu ocazia press tripului pe Plaja Sensiblu, una dintre cele mai draguțe și instagramabile plaje din Mamaia!

Fabulous Vintage Dresses from Zkaka

Those of you who know me are already acquainted with my love for midi dresses and midi skirts. I think that they are the most feminine items a woman can wear and those with retro design are by far the best choice. I'm always looking to find new places where I can buy midi dresses and mostly I find myself looking online, because, if I have to be sincere, in physical stores is almost impossible to find anything pretty. 

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