Silicone Molds For Anything You Want to Create

Do you remember using different molds when you were kids for creating different objects? I am sure you do! Do you also remember that most molds were made out of plastic and super difficult to use? I do! Most of the times the object was so hard to be taken out of the mold that I had to break the plastic mold or my final product. It was so frustrating! 

However, this is a thing of the past, because nowadays molds are made out of silicone! Easy to use, easy to clean, non toxic, high mold accuracy and very resistant to high temperatures! Practically right now you can do everything that you put your mind to if you have a high quality silicone mold, such as: toys, gifts, different products with interesting designs, DIY candle molds, glass crafts and so on. You just need to have a good silicone mold supplier with years of expertise in the industry of liquid silicone manufacture like Newtop is. On their website you can find all the molds that you can think of and also many silicone products that can be of high use in every household. 

You will be able to find silicone molds for creating candles in different shapes, even in the shape of roses which is pretty cool! You will also be able to find different molds for creating jewelry and even silicone molds that you can use for baking. Imagine you can make all sorts of cupcakes or biscuits that will put a huge smile on your children faces and will impress everyone who will see their perfect shapes! This will be great especially for the holiday season, when you can make cookies in all types of festive designs. 

Another thing that you can find at Newtop is the silicone feeding set which is perfect for your kids. It is non toxic and non breakable! You can take it anywhere with you as you can fold it and it won't change it's shape. It will also won't use much space in your bag this way! Also it is not dangerous for your baby if he or she wants to try and bite into it, as it's not like the ceramic sets and won't hurt the teeth of your child! Plus, you can find it in many colours and shapes. 
As I have told you, silicone is the future when it comes to molds and different houseware products! 

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