Meyarn Helps You Have a Healthy Smile

It is extremely important now days to have healthy teeth as dental healthcare services are very expensive. For this reason and not only, it is preferable to prevent any problems that might arise and affect your teeth. After all, we all want to have healthy and beautiful smiles all the time!
Now is easier than ever to take care of your teeth at home due to all the oral care products that are available at Meyarn. You can keep your teeth healthy with the most innovative and modern electronic devices, oral care accessories and orthodontics that can be found on the market. Their high end products aim to encourage people to commit themselves to a relaxed oral care routine similar to the professional one done in dental clinics. 
You can choose from a variety of products with fashion forward designs that will help you have a beautiful and healthy smile, such as: water flossers, dental night guards, dental wax, teeth whitening pens, interdental brushes and many more.  
teeth whitening pen

1. The teeth whitening pen
If you want a bright and white smile just like all the celebrities you see in magazines or movies, you will love this amazing product from Meyarn. Super easy to use, the teeth whitening pen will make your teeth whiter in minutes! You just need to brush your teeth before using it, then twist the bottom of the pen, brush the gel onto your teeth, wait for about 15-30 minutes and then brush again or rinse the mouth. For the best results is best to use it on a daily basis. 
However, before using the teeth whitening pen you have to check your teeth condition to be sure you don't have any cavities or root canal problems. If you do have them, go to the dentist, solve the issues and after that start using the pen. 
 interdental brush

2. The interdental brush
If you do not wish to have problems with cavities, dental plaque, tooth stains or food residue is best to use an interdental brush. It has a stainless steel wire covered by soft bristles, so it's a great choice even if you have sensitive teeth. Plus, it also has an anti-slip handle which makes it very easy to use.
dental night guard

3. The dental night guard
If you know yourself as having problems with teeth grinding, you should definitely start using a dental night guard to prevent a series of issues that might arise in the future, such as: compromising your jaw alignment, facial pain or ringing in the ears. The dental night guard from Meyarn is made out of food grade material and designed to meet the different needs of dental arch shapes. 
cordless portable water flosser

4. The cordless portable water flosser
The cordless portable water flosser from Meyarn is designed in such a way so that you may take it with you wherever you may go and you can also use it in showers and small bathrooms. It has different modes so that can meet various oral care needs and it will help removing plaque and will clean the teeth gaps too. 
dental wax

5. Dental wax
If you wear brackets you know how uncomfortable they can be sometimes. They can even cause scratches and mouth pain. If you want to avoid these problems you can use the dental wax from Meyarn which can be unscented, with strawberry or mint flavour. It is super easy to use, you just have to cut it into 3mm pieces, to rub it into a ball, to put it on the brackets or the arch wire and then to take it off while eating. Super easy!
These are only a few of the oral care products you can find at Meyarn. Now is easier then ever to benefit of professional oral health care in the comfort of your own home!

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