Keep Your Home and Pets Tidy with Aoin Products

Have you thought about decorating your garden or house especially for summer? Or to choose decorations and furniture that will constantly make you feel like it's full summer all year long in your home? Just imagine how nice would feel to walk into your living room and see green plants, wood decorations and earthy tones in everything, such a warm feeling, don't you think so!


And for this exact point I have chosen some lovely home accessories from Aoin that will transform your garden or house and make it way cozier! You will finally manage to have a lovely corner or room where you can relax and feel like you are in holiday permanently. And some accessories for your pet as well, that will help you keep your house tidy.



1. Moon star sun hanging lights

These cute stainless steel hanging lights will make any garden or room brighter. They work for almost 8 hours due to their rechargeable batteries. Practically they work with solar power which also makes them eco-friendly! Also, these super cute lanterns are waterproof!




2. The leaf shape wind chimes

Another lovely home accessory from Aoin is this bamboo wind chimes with leafs. It's handcrafted and it is also manually hand tuned by musicians, which means it will emit perfect tones that will enchant your hearing. 



3. The plant hanger with wooden basin

Another perfect item for your cozy corner or even for your garden is this wooden plant hanger. Ideal to be paired with a light green leafy plant, it will add an elegant touch to the whole ensemble.  



4. The balance toy for kittens

If you have a cat and you don't want it to play with your carefully chosen home accessories you will need to look for some pet accessories, like this balance toy which will capture your kitty's attention all day long. You will be happy and your pet as well, it's a win win situation!



5. The cleaning slicker brush for pets

Of course, not only your house has to be clean and tidy, but your pet as well. And if you own a cat, you know how much fur it sheds all the time. This is why you need a cleaning slicker brush for your pet. It will help you remove loose hair, it will eliminate tangles, knots, dander and dirt and it will also help you groom your cat's undercoat as well. Your pet coat will look healthy and clean and it will make your companion feel great too!





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