What to Buy on Sale from Newchic

It's almost middle of the summer right now and many online stores have started their sales season which is pretty amazing, as you can manage to get all those summer dresses and accessories for the hot season and why not for all of your summer trips!


And, as you already know, I want to give you some suggestions as in what to buy to freshen up your summer wardrobe. All of these cute items and many others you can found at Newchic. 

1. The bohemian backless maxi dress

Bohemian maxi dresses are absolutely the best choice for summer season. Nothing compares with a lovely maxi dress worn on a sunny day when going out on the town for having drinks with friends or for a walk on the beach. Probably one of the cutest dresses is this lovely maxi dress with open back which is so feminine and elegant, perfect for summer. You can pair it with stray hats and bags or with gold accessories and gold flat sandals and you will look fabulous!

2. The bohemian flat sandals

And because I was talking about flat sandals that would go well with maxi dresses, I have selected these lovely white bohemian sandals from Newchic. They are a perfect fit with the backless maxi dress also from Newchic and not only. These womens boho sandals also come in brown and black, which means you can buy them in all three colours and you won't have to think of what to wear with your different summer clothes or styles.

3. The PU leather brown backpack

You know that when it's summer and hot outside you have to carry lots of things with you: bottles of water, sunglasses, napkins, thermal water, wallet, maybe a fan and other things. These all need space and it's difficult to carry them in a bag and this is the reason you need a large capacity backpack. Choose a brown backpack like this one from Newchic, because it will go well with everything and you can also wear it as a bag too!

4. The bohemian floral print dress

If you prefer dresses that aren't as big and wide as maxi dresses, you can choose this bohemian floral print dress which is very appropriate for summer in the city. It's super easy to be worn and can be paired with both flat and heeled sandals. Plus, the floral pattern is very sweet and girly!

5. The cute pajamas with panda print

Maybe you haven't thought about it by now, but even pajamas are important for the summer season! You can find many cute plus size pajamas on sale at Newchic. I have selected these super cute pajamas in pink with panda print, because I find them to be perfect for any woman who wants to have a comfortable sleep! 

And very important, don't forget about Newchic Summer Sale event when you will have the chance to buy everything that your heart desires to on discount. Plus, they also offer free gifts! Pretty cool!

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