4 Maxi Dresses Perfect for the Fall/Winter Season

Usually when the cold season starts, we tend to avoid wearing maxi dresses, but we shouldn't. Why? Because there are some lovely dresses out there that are perfect for this time of the year! And today I want to show you four maxi dresses that you can wear during the fall-winter season.


All of these super cute dresses you can find at Berrylook, an online store where you can find cheap clothes for women like dresses, skirts, trousers, outerwear, shoes and even accessories, all following the latest trends in fashion and all for amazing prices. Plus, they ship internationally and offer free shipping for all orders over 96 euros! Also, they have many sales periods and lots of discounts all year round!

As for the dresses I have selected to show you I have two for day wear and two for evening or for fancier ocassions. 


The first two dresses are perfect to wear during day time with a long coat and boots or high heeled booties. My favourite is the dark blue dress because it has polka dots and an really interesting design. The grey dress however is more appropriate for cold days because it's a knitted dress. You can wear these dresses when you go to work, when you go to college, for shopping or when you go out with friends! Of course you can find other cheap maxi dresses at Berrylook that you can wear during the day!


As for my two choices of maxi dresses for evening, I've thought to the holiday season when I've picked them! Both are in red colour and both are very feminine. My favourite is the dress with the bow at the neck which is a very elegant dress, perfect for Christmas. It also comes in two other colours, black and yellow, both lovely. The second dress, with the buttons, is also perfect to wear for Christmas, but this dress you can also wear it during the day when you go to an important meeting or for a date at a restaurant. 

Which one of these dresses from Berrylook is your favourite? 

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