Must Have Sweaters and Tops for Winter

Now it's that time of the year when we can wear sweaters, tops, coats and many layers of clothes. Besides keeping us warm, it's pretty fashionable to combine various sweaters with blouses and coats. And it's super cool too! I'm sure you've guessed by now that in today's article we will talk about winter fashion and mostly about what sweaters and tops you should have in your wardrobe. 


Some of the most fashionable sweaters and top you will find at Ninacloak, an online store with many clothing pieces that have unique designs and follow the latest trends in fashion. The best thing about Ninacloak is the fact that it ships internationally and the shipping is free for all orders over 75$. Plus, their prices are amazing and have various discounts and sales periods all year round!

For today I have selected two trendy sweaters and two tops from Ninacloak which you should definitely have in your winter wardrobe.



 The first sweater is the icy blue one. It has such a pretty colour that reminds me of ice and winter. It's a feminine sweater that will look great with jeans or a white midi skirt. The second sweater is the beige one with black details and is of sailor inspiration. This one would look great with black skinny jeans and a pair of sneakers or with a black midi pleated skirt and high heeled stiletto shoes for a fancier look. And the best thing is that both sweaters are under 30$.


When it comes to searching for tops online at Ninacloak you will find so many models, including basic tops like the ones I've selected. It's very important to own basic pieces in your wardrobe, because it will be easier to combine them with statement clothes. And for winter season turtleneck tops are a must! You should at least have two basic tops in your wardrobe, one in black and one in camel beige. And I've found two at Ninacloak, both under 25$ which is pretty cheap, as basic pieces are usually pretty expensive. 

Which item from Ninacloak is your favourite?

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