Three pairs of Joggers One Style

adina nanes jeans jacket and beige joggers

 Cream Cuffed Joggers


If you were to ask me a few years ago if you will ever see me dressed super casual with a sporty vibe, I would have answered you a big "NO". Until two years ago I didn't even own sport shoes if you can believe it! In my 20s I always was on high heels, especially during the fall-winter season. And the higher the heels the happier I was! I still love high heels and wear them a lot, but I've became a little bit more comfortable in my clothing style. And I think this is due to the fact that I have to walk a lot and to go from place to place in a very short period of time. So I started buying sport shoes, jogger trousers, hoodies and comfy clothes that I can easily wear at home and in town. And this was amplified by the pandemic and the quarantine. Because I had to stay longer at home and didn't have to glam up for events and parties I've started to buy comfy clothes and to love the casual style! 


And because right now it's pretty cold outside and because I'm living in a house with a garden and not an apartment, I have to wear trousers and hoodies that can keep me warm and make me feel comfortable. Because, let's be honest, during these days it's a privilege having a yard, you can go outside whenever you want, especially when it's sunny. Sunny and warm fall days are the best!


For this reason I've got three fabulous pairs of jogger trousers in three different colours, black, beige and khaki, from It's one of my favourite online store where I can find both fancy clothes and loungewear sets. And they really have some pretty items! This time I've gotten these lovely trousers that you can see in the photos. 

adina nanes sport style

For all three pairs I've got size S even though I usually wear XS. I wanted for the trousers to feel a little bit loose, so that I can feel more comfortable. And the size fits me so well! A big factor in my decision making process was the fact that the joggers were cuffed at the end. I adore cuffed trousers! They also feel so fluffy and are pretty thick, so they can keep me warm even in winter time when I go out, which is great! And I also love the warm feeling I get when I wear them inside. Also, their price is amazing and the delivery was pretty fast if you take into account the fact they come all the way from the United Kingdom!

I decided to style them with basic pieces, because I'm sure al of you own a black T-shirt, a pair of sport shoes and a jeans jacket. I think this styling for joggers looks amazing! Another styling would involve a pair of army boots, an oversized coat, beige or with animal print, a fluffy black sweater and a cute beanie.

adina nanes casual

Another thing that I put my eyes on at and I want to get in my next order is a corset dress. I've found one super cute in pink and made out of velvet that would be perfect for the holiday season. I can see myself wearing it while I stay next to my silver-white Christmas three! It's a must have for me for sure!

And I've also put my eyes on their bodysuits, I need some in my wardrobe. The bodysuits you can find at have a perfect fit and enhance all the beautiful lines of the body. And I need to get one or two bodysuits with long sleeves for the cold season. 

And if I buy a bodysuit, I would definitely put my hands on a pair of jeans from! They have quite a lovely collection of jeans following the latest trends in fashion. And I would go either for a high waisted pair of skinny jeans or for a pair of high waisted jeans with straight cut.

Of course, these items are on my wishlist for the cold season, because for spring I've put my eyes on some really feminine blouses and dresses from And trust me, you have to go and see how lovely their clothes are and how amazing the prices are too! You won't regret it!

Let's grow together in style! | Să creștem împreună cu stil!

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