How to Choose a Suit

There is a clothing item that men wore for centuries and this is the suit! Over the decades the suit has seen some small changes and variations, but the classic cut and styles is still there and won't go out of fashion very soon. 


It's very important as a man to have a proper suit of good quality in your wardrobe, but it's not easy to find one. However I've discovered an online store called Allaboutsuit that sells men clothing, especially suits, tuxedos and shirts. Allaboutsuit has it's own professional tailors and handcraft workshop to custom suits to every consumer. Plus, they ship internationally, which is great!


When it comes to choosing  a suit the fabric is very important. It's better to chose fabrics like cotton, wool. silk or linen, because they have a better quality. 

Another very important aspect is the fitting. Every piece of the suit should fit you properly just like a glove and if it doesn't you should tailor it! 

Also, you should decide if you want a three piece suit or a two piece. For prom suits I recommend the three piece version because it looks more elegant. You will find plenty options at Allaboutsuit.

When it comes to the style of the suit, you should wear the proper suit for every occasion. For example, if you are a groom you should wear a tuxedo or a suit made out of precious fabrics. This also applies to black tie events. At Allaboutsuit you can find a wide range of wedding suits too!

I've selected a few suits from Allaboutsuit so that you can see what you can find on their website!

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