Fashionable Dresses and Lingerie from Yoins

I'm sure all of you are searching for clothes at affordable prices and usually online you can find the best deals! And Yoins clothing has beautiful designs and amazing prices. And they also offer international shipping, so it doesn't matter the country you are from, because they will deliver your order without a problem!

How to Have Ombre Hair without Damaging Your Hair

Have you ever thought dying your hair ombre? I'm sure you did, because ombre hair was and still is a big trend. Of course, I'm sure you even thought what will you do if you go to a salon, pay a huge price to dye your hair and it will be a total mess. It could go totally wrong if the hairstylist doesn't know what to do and you can damage your hair. It will also be very difficult to go back to your natural colour and you will have two tones in your hair for more than a year!

Winter Outfit: Dress to Impress

adina nanes vision on fashion
Dress/Rochie - Sammydress (here/aici) | Beret/Beretă - Rosegal (here/aici)
Bag/Geantă - Gamiss (here/aici) | Boots/Cizme - (here/aici)
Dragonfly brooch/Broşă libelulă - Dresslily (here/aici)
Cicada Brooch/Broşe insectă - Rosegal (here/aici) | Belt/Centură - H&M

[RO]: Zilele reci de iarnă m-au făcut din totdeauna să mă simt puţin nostalgică, iar în cele extrem de reci în care mai şi ninge nici nu îmi vine să mă dau jos din pat şi să ies din casă. Sau măcar să stau în casă la căldură cu o cană mare de ciocolată caldă în mână în timp ce mă uit la filme romantice înfofolită bine în paturi pufoase cu Lola, teckelul meu ciocolatiu, lângă mine.

5 Red Dresses For Valentine's Day from Zaful

There is less than one month left until Valentine's Day and I thought that a wishlist would be perfect to help you out with your outfit choice. I'm sure that those of you who are in a relationship will celebrate lovers day appropriately and you are planning ahead just to be sure that everything will be perfect. 

How to Become a Blonde Without Damaging Your Hair

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about what it means to change your hair colour. More precisely about what it means to become a blonde when you are a brunette. 

As you all know by now I'm a brunette and until about 3 years ago I had never dyed my hair. But, one day, I wanted something different and decided to dye my hair. And I chose to go a few shades lighter. After that, after two months I wanted to become a blonde. For this I had to get my hair bleached and this process damaged my hair greatly. Of course, you didn't see that, because my hair is very thick and resistant, but I saw how my hair suffered over time. Also, I had to get my hair roots dyed every month and also the colour wasn't exactly what I wanted. 

How to Integrate the Leather Jacket in a Winter Outfit

adina nanes winter oufit
Leather jacket/Jachetă din piele - Zaful (here/aici) | Turtlneck sweater/Maletă - Zara
Jeans/Blugi - Zara | Shoe boots/Ghete cu toc - Amiclubwear | Bag/Geantă - C&A 
Ring/Inel - Twinkledeals (here/aici) | Round ring/Inel rotund - Twinkledeals (here/aici)

[RO]: Nu îmi vine să cred cât de repede a trecut 2017! Mi se pare incredibil cum zboară timpul şi parcă simt această trecere mult mai tare acum decât atunci când eram ceva mai tânără, în urmă cu 10 ani, când fiecare zi, lună şi an păreau a fi mult mai lungi decât acum. 

Tips for Short and Thin Hair

Do you have short hair and you want it longer? Did you recently cut your long hair and you absolutely hate your new hairstyle? Or maybe you have thin hair without volume and you would like to have thick hair with lots of volume?

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