How to Become a Blonde Without Damaging Your Hair

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about what it means to change your hair colour. More precisely about what it means to become a blonde when you are a brunette. 

As you all know by now I'm a brunette and until about 3 years ago I had never dyed my hair. But, one day, I wanted something different and decided to dye my hair. And I chose to go a few shades lighter. After that, after two months I wanted to become a blonde. For this I had to get my hair bleached and this process damaged my hair greatly. Of course, you didn't see that, because my hair is very thick and resistant, but I saw how my hair suffered over time. Also, I had to get my hair roots dyed every month and also the colour wasn't exactly what I wanted. 

blonde lace front wig

So, after this experience, I would advise you not to dye your hair blonde, but instead to look for some cheap blonde wigs at Maxglamhair. You can buy 2-3 in different shades of blonde and you can always change between them so that you can have new looks all the time.

blonde weave
On the other hand, you can buy a blonde weave made out of premium natural Brazilian hair if you want a more permanent solution. The weave will be sewn into your natural hair and no one except you will know that you are wearing one. This is a fantastic solution and I'm sure you will be super happy with the final result. 

If you already are a blonde, but your hair got thinner because of bleaching, you can chose blonde bundles with frontal for more volume and a thicker hair. They are by far the best choice for you until your hair will become healthier again and also after for even more volume!

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