Lovely Bridesmaid Dresses from Bmbridal

One of the main focus points in a wedding are the bridesmaids. Now days is a trend to have three or more bridesmaids and usually all dressed the same, same dress, same colour, sometimes even the same hairstyle. And the biggest issue is the dress. I am sure you've been at weddings and you know that most of the time bridesmaids dresses are pretty ugly. I'm also sure you never understood why! But now, you can find some really beautiful dresses for your bridesmaids, because in a wedding everything should look fabulous!

It's Easy or Not to Take the Perfect Photo?

adina nanes arcul de triumf
Dress/Rochie - French Connection via | Shoes/Pantofi - Condur by Alexandru
Straw hat/Pălărie din paie - Asos

[RO]: Unul dintre cele mai dificile lucruri pe care trebuie să le faci ca blogger este să realizezi poze perfecte în condiții nu tocmai ideale, cum ar fi în zilele foarte friguroase de iarnă sau vara pe caniculă. Nici nu știu care variantă e mai neplăcută!

4 Retro Dresses from Zapaka Perfect for a Vintage Party

Vintage parties are in trend right now because they are fun, full of colour and good vibes and the fashion was fabulous in the 1950s. Also, it’s summer time now and nothing is more fun than a vintage party.

If you were invited to such a party, you should dress accordingly and go for a retro look. When I’m saying retro look, you should wear a retro dress, preferably of 50s or 60s inspiration, and also your hair and make up should also have a vintage vibe.

Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses from Bmbridal

Being summer right now it’s full wedding season, so everyone is searching for dresses and accessories so that will look fabulous to the big event they are going to attend.

If you are a regular guest, well there isn’t that much struggle in finding your outfit. But, if you are a bridesmaid then it’s not that easy, because you will need to have a beautiful and elegant dress.

Cute Sets, Rompers and Jumpsuit from Jurllyshe

You all know that one of my blog’s and personal interests is all about fashion. And when you say fashion you think of clothes! And because right now it’s full summer out there and I’m sure all of you plan to go in vacation or are going to sea side, I want to talk to you a little bit about some really cool items that you should grab and put into your luggage or your wardrobe.

Gorgeous Hair with Beautyforever

When it comes to beauty related subject there is one that all women are interested in: how to have a gorgeous hair. With some nature has been more generous and gave them that beautiful hair that everyone wishes for. With other it hasn't been so generous. So, besides eating healthy food full of vitamins and nutrients and using great hair products there are other things that can make our hair look gorgeous. And here comes to help you with their amazing products!

Lovely Clothes from Trendysuper

We all know how obsessed we women are when it comes to clothes. Even though our closets are exploding literally with garments, we still are complaining that we have nothing to wear. 

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