Show Off your Figure with a Popilush Shapewear Dres

The shapewear dress is made with all different female body types in mind. Therefore, you don't need to worry as much about which dress model to choose as you do with traditional clothes that almost never deliver the desired effect.


With a Popilush Shapewear dress you can adjust a slimmer waist creating beautiful hourglass-shaped curves that give you a more rounded silhouette. If you are a woman who already has wider hips, the shapewear dress will promote control of this area, as well as reducing possible sagging and cellulite.  



Do built-in shapewear dresses smooth and stretch?

Absolutely! Because they are made from comfortable and breathable fabric that even prevents discomfort caused by perspiration. A dress made with 86% Nylon + 14% Spandex becomes an important aid in full body modeling, as it gives you softness and a perfect fit.


Furthermore, it is possible to have well-structured breasts in a very attractive central shape through the deep V-neckline that makes you more attractive. The twisted chest effect makes your waist slimmer, together with the modeling mesh that is built into the waist area, it promotes a softer appearance for your belly.


The posterior region is not forgotten, after all you want to show a beautiful shape from all angles, don't you? And of course it is possible with a dress that contains light plastic mesh for to make the back line more elegant. The side slit delivers a more elongated feminine figure, even adjusts the shape of your hips to appear more feminine.



How can I wear a shapewear dress to show off perfect curves?

It doesn't matter what your body type is. A Popilush shapewear dress like the long sleeve bodycon maxi dress is democratic, designed to give you a full body shape that suits women with different personal needs. The long-sleeved version is ideal for colder days, but can also be easily used in air-conditioned environments. Perfect for you who work in an office with air conditioning and don't want to look heavy and have to create several layers to keep warm.


Furthermore, the square neckline is modern. Speaking of upper support, it has removable cups in conjunction with double-layer fabric in the region to provide ideal support for your breasts and flatten your belly to the right extent without you having to worry about any type of discomfort on a daily basis. Additionally, I sculpted legs, hips and butt, softening your curves.


How to navigate new shapewear dress trends?

In many ways, as the different shaper dress models easily fit into many women's styles. To create a proposal similar to the dress mentioned above, you can choose a maxi dress with adjustable straps. It adds lightness to your look and adjusts to any body type, giving you much more self-confidence. The butt gains a new shape through lifting technology that creates the BBL effect. The open gusset is an important feature as it makes trips to the bathroom easier.


A dress with built in shapewear can be combined with various accessories that keep up with fashion, such as vests or a Maxi bag for the woman who wants comfort without losing elegance. Speaking about this topic, the dress is made from modal fabric that provides a soft touch against the skin. The tummy gains structure and remains free from any imperfections through double-layer waist control.  



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