Tactical T-Shirts for Fall

It's fall now and the temperatures are getting lower by the day. If you are a nature lover and like to take trips in the forrest or mountains, you have to be prepared to handle rain, muddy roads, cold temperatures, heavy wind and many other natural phenomenons. For this you will need some high quality men's tactical clothing which you may find at Wayrates. 


At Wayrates you will be able to find anything you want or need for your autumnal trip. They have tops, bottoms, outerwear with some really nice tactical jackets, footwear, camping and hiking accessories and even women's clothing. Plus, they have many discounts and various offers and the shipping is free for all orders over 99$. 


If you are into vintage inspired clothing, then you will be happy to know that at Wayrates you can find some really cool mens vintage t shirts. They come with various designs, with short or long sleeves, in various colours. 


I have selected 3 of the coolest T shirts from Wayrates, all of vintage inspiration, just for you to make a better idea what designs you can find in their online store. 



The first one is a T shirt in dark grey with two vertical sleeves and numbers, inspired by all those racing outfits. It also comes in light grey and brown. It's ideal to be worn with ripped jeans, boots and a leather jacket for a cool urban look. 

The second T shirt it's a long sleeve turtleneck one, ideal for chilly fall days. The print is really nice and is inspired by the templars armours. 

And the third T shirt is a basic grey velcro one, ideal for all those trips you want to go to. It will keep you warm and you can even wear it under big and warm sweaters. 

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