How Shapewear Helps You Have a Fabulous Body


We women want to look our best all the time and for this we use make up, style our hair, wear the most flattering and fashionable clothes we’ve got and some of use even wear shapewear everyday! Yes, not only for special occasions, but all the time!

Shapewear is now being used by women more often than it was used in the past. This is mainly due to the fact that now day the best shapewear for women from Shapellx is very comfortable as it is made out of stretchable and soft fabrics such as latex and neoprene. 


But can you really wear shapewear everyday? The answer to this question in undoubtedly “Yes”! And there are a few important reasons that back it up and if you keep on reading you will find out which ones are.


The waist trainer makes you look slimmer and enhances your curves

There isn’t a woman out there who doesn’t want to look slim and toned. And for this exact reason was the waist trainer created!

The waist cincher from Shapellx reduces your appearance instantly and you will look slimmer and be able to wear clothes with one or two sizes smaller than your regular size! This happens because this body shaper adds compression to your body and smooths out your curves hiding the fat. You will look more feminine and you will feel more confident with how your body looks.



A waist trainer is similar to the old corset, but a lot more comfortable and easy to wear. It works by adding compression to your waist line, making it smaller with time. It is usually made out of neoprene or latex, which are very thick and breathable fabrics, with role in keeping the muscles warm so that you will sweat more and lose weight faster. The best thing about it is the fact that it has one, two or three straps that you can adjust and increase the compression accordingly to how much you can handle.

If you wear it constantly you will be able to see the shapewear waist trainer before and after results very quickly, in less than one month!




Use shapewear bodysuits when you don’t workout

While the waist trainer is most effective while doing exercises, you can still wear it while relaxing at home. But, if you want something invisible and even more comfortable that reshapes your body and keeps every inch in place, you should go for shapewear bodysuits. This shapewear should be present in every wardrobe, because is a life changer. It compresses your body and contours your curves making you look smooth and toned. While wearing a bodysuit every piece of clothing will look better on you! And if you need a plus size bodysuit don’t worry, you will be able to find it at Shapellx. They have all possible sizes, from S and all the way to 6XL, so you will find the shapewear that you need without any problems!

Now you can wear all the clothes you want, be it bodycon dresses, skinny jeans with a well tailored women jacket and you will look fabulous no matter what!



Your body is your temple and you have to treat it with care. For this you should only use high quality shapewear from Shapellx when you workout at home, because you have to feel comfortable and get the results you desire at the same time.


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