What Has Changed in the PMP Exam

These days when the competition is so fierce is great to have a few certifications on hand. They will help you to detach yourself from the competition and consolidate your professional position.


If you are a project manager the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification will be a great attribute to your portfolio. The PMP will show that you are a great leader and an expert in any field. Also, it will show that you have the skills to drive business results and even your salary will increase after you get the certification!


With the PMP certification you will speak the common global language of project management, you will be able to connect with professionals like you and organizations from all over the globe! 

If you are a PMP candidate you will need to satisfy PMI's PMP certifications requirements. After you've met the PMP exam requirements you will be able to take the exam. Another important thing to keep in mind is the fact that the PMP certification exam is a little bit harder than other exams. But, you don't have to worry because you can use exam dumps from Spoto and this way you will accommodate yourself with the exam, because these dumps contain similar questions with the ones from the actual exam. Plus, they will also give you the answers and you will understand better the topics for the real exam.

If you wonder how many questions in PMP exam are, well there is a total of 180 questions and there are 230 minutes to complete the exam. I know there are many questions there, but if you've practiced using the exam dumps from Spoto, you will be used with the exam and you will also be more confident. 



The PMP exam is based upon the PMP Examination Content Outline which was last updated in June 2019. The exam was based upon 5 areas of expertise, but this will change, so when is PMP exam changing? This will happen after 2nd og January 2021 when the exam would be based on three areas of expertise: people (42%), process (50%), business environement (8%). Within these three domains, the exam will outline lists Tasks, which show what project managers do, and Enablers, which means the actions we take to complete these tasks. 

Now you know what a PMP exam is, what advantages gives you this certification, how many questions the exam has and what has changed. All you need to do is start practicing while using Spoto exam dumps and after you do it, you will be ready to pass the exam with high scores.

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