Spring Shoes and Hats from Newchic

Spring is here now and all of us, both women and men, should start dressing accordingly to the warm and sunny season. It's time to add some bright colours and some nice prints to our spring-summer wardrobes. And this also applies to accessories and shoes! 

And while talking about accessories and shoes, I want to show you some really interesting items from Newchic that can brighten up your wardrobe for the warm season. 


1. How to style the bucket hat for women

I will start first with the accessories for women and the printed bucket hats will be my first suggestion for you. Why? Because they are super cute, come in quite a large number of colours and prints and the best part is the fact they can protect you from the heat and the powerful sun during the day. They also are pretty cool and look great in many outfits. 

If you are wondering how to style them, well, it's pretty simple! For example you can choose a bucket hat with banana trees and wear it with a white T-shirt and a pair of loose jeans. A super cool and relaxed look!



2. Choose some lovely floral shoes

And because nothing is as cool as a relaxed and chic outfit, it's best to go with a pair of floral flat shoes from Newchic for such a look. Go for a pair of shoes made out of linen as they will be perfect for hot days, because they are made out of a breathable fabric. Plus, these espadrilles shoes are super comfortable and great for taking long walks.




3. Wear a baseball cap when you want a casual and cool look

If you are a man, I'm sure you love baseball caps, because they will make you look super cool. So, how about adding some nice embroidered baseball caps to your wardrobe. They will look great with any leisure clothes and also it will go well even with jeans and leather jackets. Plus, you can wear it whenever you exercise outside or you go jogging. 




4. The perfect shoes for a masculine relaxed outfit

Of course, nothing works better with a baseball cap than a pair of color block sneakers. They are comfortable, cool and perfect for sports and casual looks. If you chose a pair with a stylish graffiti print from Newchic and wear them to an all black look and also add a baseball cap, you will look super fashionable!



5. Choose appropriate outdoor shoes

When the temperatures are high, most of us love to spend time out in the nature. However, this implies wearing proper clothes and footwear. Nothing will be a better choice than a pair of water shoes for men who wants to go for a trip on the mountain or who want to do any sports or outdoor activity. They will prevent you from having accidents and if it rains, they won't stay wet and make you feel uncomfortable. They are practicable and fashionable at the same time!   

Also, Newchic will have two Facebook live streams on 29th of March and on the 9th of April where you will find all about their spring sales! You can follow the live stream here: https://m.me /16917762543 87133?ref=en gagement:1fo i:0



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