Put Your Mind at Work with a Gan Cube

When we spend a lot of time home we tend to get bored easily and we need to find something to do to with our time. After all it's good to get out from the routine and do interesting things.

Some of the most fun activities at home are solving different types of puzzles. They put your mind to work, you don't feel bored and you don't even feel how time is passing by. However, the puzzle pieces are a little bit messy and you need a big space where to put them together. This is way you need a different kind of puzzle like the gan cube!


Do you remember the rubik cube? I'm sure you do! It was one of my favourite puzzles from when I was young. It kept me occupied for hours! Well, the gan cube is similar to it, but more advanced and modern. Also, it has super cool designs.


The gan cube was created by the famous Gan-Yuan Jiang, the speed cubing pioneer in China who set the first Chinese 3x3 national speed solving record in 2007. His company, GANCube owns multiple patents and their cubes are used all over the world for breaking many records. They have their own team, Team Gan Gurus, that included famous rubik cube genius and world champions like Feliks Zemdges, Max Park and Philipp Weyer. 


Their cubes are innovative and they come with the most interesting designs, like the alien cubes. Their shape is futuristic and they will put your mind to work even more than the classic gan cube. They are light, only 79-81 grams, and super soft to touch. 


The GAN Skweb M cube is the next generation cube with a magnetic core, a magnetic core positioning system, numerical GES pro and a 90 degrees corner cutting. Its weight is 10% less than the older cubes, only 79 grams and it has an accelerated turning system that will keep the fatigue away. It has enhanced feet with special design that free your speed up from pop and corner twists. The rotation is super smooth, it's fingerprint resistant and also scratch proofed.  


And if you want a challenge, you should choose the GAN Megaminx cube. It has a dodecahedron shape, 12 faces and 62 pieces, including 12 center pieces, 20 corner pieces and 30 edge pieces. You can do over 1.01x10^68 combinations, which will entertain you tremendously and make you very happy when solving them and finding new ones. You will also find a Megaminx tutorial on their website, which will be very helpful. 


At GANCube you will find the most entertaining puzzle cubes on the market! You can click here for more information about their products!


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