4 Lovely Dresses for Fall

Fall is definitely my favourite season, because the outfits are very complex thus being more fashionable. Also, I love mixing light fabrics with knits or wool coats. Another amazing thing is the fact that I can still wear summer maxi dresses, but with leather jackets and boots now for an edgy look. 

And because I was talking about dresses, I've found some really lovely dresses for sale at Holapick that are absolutely perfect for the fall season. Holapick is an international online store that sells fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories for very affordable prices. They also have various discounts and offer free shipping for all orders over 79$. 


As for the dresses from Holapick I've picked for you, there are 4 lovely dresses perfect for various occasions. 

My favourite is the blue midi dress with floral print, half sleeves and V-neck. It's perfect for a special event during colder days. This dress should be worn with a pair of nude high heeled pumps and the hair should be wavy. 


Another great choice for fall is the pink dress with hoodie. It's perfect to wear for a day in the park or for when you go to do some shopping. Add a pair of sneakers and you are ready to go! Also, if you are looking for casual clothes for women you have to know that at Holapick you will find a wide variety of such items.



If you like boho dresses for fall, my third choice is for you. A lovely brown dress with small floral print that would look amazing with a leather jacket also in tones of brown and a pair of boots. Add a hat too and your fall look is spot on. What can be better for fall than an outfit in shades of brown!


And my fourth choice is a casual maxi dress with floral print and long sleeves which can be worn with high heeled shoes or sneakers. It's a versatile dress that can be casual or fancy depending on your mood or the weather outside!


Which dress is your favourite?


Be sure to check out Holapick for other lovely clothing pieces!

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