Casual and Fancy Loafers and Sneakers

Shoes are an important element in an outfit. They can define it and if chosen properly elevate it. However it's not easy to find a pair of shoes that have an interesting design and also are comfortable. We all know that the fancier the shoes are the more difficult to wear for long period of times are too. This is why I want to show you in this article that you can find beautiful shoes that are comfortable to wear too!


I've recently discovered an online store where you can find so many beautiful shoes, for both women and men. They have sandals, pumps, boots, flats and loafers, sneakers and more. It's called Shoessee. The best thing about this website is that they have various discounts and sales periods and also they offer free international shipping for all orders over 79$.



And because this article is focused on comfortable footwear, I want to show you some really beautiful pairs of casual loafers that you can find at Shoessee. Loafers are very fancy to wear and because they have flat soles they can be worn for a whole day without feeling that your feet got tired. Plus, you can wear them for fancy outfits or casual ones. 


For example, I love the animal print loafers from Shoessee. They are super fancy and a classic piece, as animal print will never go out of fashion. They are perfect for a fancy all black outfit or you can easily wear them with cropped jeans, a white T-shirt and a leather jacket. 



The pink loafers are more feminine and bolder and they are perfect for all white outfits, jeans or for dresses and midi skirts. 


At Shoessee you will also find vintage sneakers in bold colours that are perfect for sports outfits or for those days when you want to be as comfortable as you can get! For exampla, a pair of colourful sneakers like the ones from the picture that remind of those worn in the 90s would look amazing for an all jeans look. You will have that lovely vintage vibe from that era!



Of course, at Shoessee you will find so much more, you just have to take a look at their products from their online store and see which one you like best! 


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