Lolita Wedding Dresses

You know that the wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life, but also one of the most stressful days ever. In addition to organizing a wedding hall, sending invitations, answering various questions about your friends, picking godparents, you often lose focus on the essential things. Choosing a wedding dress earlier was much easier. Today, the choice of models and materials is much larger, but women are also much more hesitant. If you want your wedding dress to be unique and different, so you do not want to wear a monotonous white dress for your special day, we have a great solution for you! Buy a Lolita wedding dress! 

Lolita is a Japanese fashion subculture that originated under the influence of Victorian clothing. Being dressed in Lolita style in Japan means using clothing and footwear inspired by Victorian history and rococo. Particular attention is paid to the details, both of the garments and of all possible accessories such as gloves, hats, jewelry and bags, and the hairstyle itself. Its popularity is increasing all over the world every day and many brides dream of a wedding in a Lolita wedding dress. Do not be afraid, these wedding dresses that are giving you the look like you are a princess from the palace can offer a lot and can easily complete your style and teach you Snow White's skills of dress matching.


Different features of lolita wedding dresses


If you want to play it safe but also to make some changes and surprises in your wedding dress, classic lolita white wedding dresses are a good deal for you. Classic Lolita is a more mature Lolita style that focuses on baroque, regency and rococo styles. The colors and designs used in classic Lolita can be understood as a combination of Gothic and sweet Lolita: perfect, elegant and simple. This style can be seen as a more sophisticated, mature Lolita style due to the use of small, intricate design details as well as a modest, simple but wonderful color palette. Choosing this kind of wedding dress will give you a gorgeous ball gown with large bows and pearls. Doesn't that sound like a dream wedding dress?



If you still want to be brave and peek into the world of Lolita even more, champagne and cream wedding dresses are waiting for you. Sweet Lolita wedding dresses, unlike the classic style, will give you bolder but still gentle colors, details, and materials. This type of style is often described as gentle, natural and endearing. Bows and a lot of layers are also included in this type of style, for a richer and more luxurious look and attitude. You will not feel the pressure of being at a wedding or that everything has to be white, this type of wedding dress will give you bold elegance and the opportunity to show that you are ready to be different. 


Last but definitely not least is for the bravest ones. The wedding dress does not have to be white, it can be black, pink, red, whatever color you want, and this is exactly the case with gothic/ punk Lolita wedding dresses. This style will offer you darker colors like black, purple and royal blue or even red and dirty pink. A lot of details, bows, materials, colors, everything is done with fun but in a harmonious, unique and mesmerizing way. These kinds of wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular and most often fit into themed weddings which are a very attractive and common occurrence today. If you are different and brave, wedding dresses like this are perfect for you. 



One of our absolute favorite wedding dresses is the Elegant Pure White Lace Long Style Classic Lolita Sling Wedding Dress. Starting with the overall design and style of the wedding dress, through the details, materials, this wedding dress will leave you totally breathless. The combination of white lace and silk red bows cannot be seen every day; it is an elegant, pure and graceful dress. It represents Lolita style in the right way, with a knee-length dress, accentuated waist, and collarbone. With a combination of other lolita details like lace gloves, high heels, this wedding dress will help you shine and delight everyone. 


Oriental Lolita style

After the original emergence of this subculture, influenced by historical events, culture, music, and movies, Lolita experienced changes and created new directions. That way, the palace doll fashions in the movie "The story of my next wife" had a profound influence on the Oriental lolita. And it was way more different compared to the traditional Lolita. Here are some differences. 



Traditional lolita is simple, reduced, elegant. Already established patterns are used, white lace details and layers are present, accessories like headdresses, knee-length socks and more. Knee-length dresses and skirts, blouses, are all that outlines of the traditional lolita style. From this style, all other lolita styles evolved. Most traditional lolita kits stick to the basic Lolita mold. Shoes and accessories are more functional than extremely looking. Makeup is simple, with calm and natural colors and jewelry is complicated and unique in design. 



On the other hand, Oriental Lolita is vibrant, brings in a floral design, plenty of lace of various colors and embroidery. There is a mix of Chinese and Japanese culture, so you can find a glimpse of traditional costumes in Oriental Lolita dresses. Long sleeves with plenty of material and lace, waist straps, high collars, These are all novelties that oriental lolita style brings in. The palace dresses and gowns were no longer long, now lavish with knee-length length, finished with a layer of elaborate lace embroidery. So Japan's lolita dresses got a new upgraded look.



Although it is not a practical or casual outfit for young people, every proud Lolita will wear her kits in every possible situation, at home or while going out with her friends and boyfriend for a walk, a movie, shopping, even for coffee or dancing. Also, each of them will make it clear that this choice of clothing is not cosplaying, but the usual style of clothing.

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