Fancy Jackets and Cardigans from Holapick

Regardless of the season your outfit should always be fancy and spot on. It's best to follow the latest fashion trends and dress to impress!


When it comes to the colder seasons, winter, fall and spring, you should definitely invest in some really fashionable jackets and cardigans. They will be the center piece of your outfits, so it's best too add some new pieces to your wardrobe. 



This is why in today's article I want to show you some statement casual jackets for women from Holapick that you can wear on a day to day basis or for fancy events. 

Holapick is an international online store that sells clothes, shoes and accessories that have unique designs for affordable prices. They have free shipping for all orders over 79$ and also various sale periods and discounts all year round.  


On their online store I've found some really cool jackets that I want to share with you. 

The first item is a sequin jacket with pearl buttons that is quite a statement piece. This jacket you can wear it in casual outfits if you want them to stand out. For this you need a pair of jeans, a black or white basic T-shirt and a pair of loafers or sneakers. Then you add this sequin jacket and your outfit will look more polished! You can also wear it for a fancier evening look. You will only need a pair of black suit trousers, a black corset, stiletto shoes and the jacket and your outfit will be a show stopper!


The second item is a classic houndstooth jacket with fringes that should not be absent from your wardrobe. This jacket is perfect for casual outfits or for office looks. When you will be wearing it you will look very elegant and sophisticated. Also, it's a great investment, because it will never be out of fashion!



You should also add to your wardrobe some trendy cardigans from Holapick. They will be great to wear when you go shopping, take a walk in the park or when you want to feel warm and comfortable. 


I have selected three cardigans from Holapick that I want to show you. The first is a pink knitted cardigan perfect for fall or spring. It is super thick so it will keep you warm, has puff sleeves and also pockets. You can wear it with jeans and a white shirt or top and you will look lovely! The other two cardigans are more apropriate for warm spring and fall days and for colder summer days. One has a floral print and is perfect for holidays to tropical scenery and the other one has an ethnic print which makes it a great choice for going out in the city or for when you go out to dinner at a restaurant. 


Of course, at Holapick you will be able to find other interesting jackets and cardigans! You just have to visit their online store and chose your favourites!



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