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adina nanes femme luxe top
You all know that one of my favourite online stores out there is definitely Their collections always follow the latest fashion trends and their clothes are just fabulous! 

And because it's spring right now, I have gotten myself a few stunning pieces that are perfect for the warm season and I was eager to show you guys what I have chosen. It was quite difficult to chose, because their spring collection is absolutely gorgeous! It has so many pretty tops, lovely dresses and super well designed trousers. This is one of the reasons I have chosen a piece from each category. 

adina nanes femme luxe black dress

The very first item I fell in love with was the fabulous black organza dress. This dress is so fashionable and has such an amazing quality! It's a shirt dress that has oversized sleeves and comes with a tie in the waist area. I just think this dress makes me look exactly like a doll! And the best thing about this dress is that it's perfect for any type of body. Also, I can easily wear it with sneakers in a casual way or as in the pictures with really high heels for a fancy look. It's by far one of my favourite items in my wardrobe now!

adina nanes femme luxe dress

Another item I fell in love with is the black mesh ruffled top. It's so girly and also so elegant, I just love it! The thing that actually made me fell in love with this top were the flowy sleeves and the open shoulders. Plus, the ruffles, I adore them. I think the most feminine clothes are there have to have ruffles. And this top is super feminine. I've paired it up with ripped jeans and high heels because I think it's the perfect combo. But I also want to wear it with black skinny jeans, I think it will also look amazing. And while I'm speaking about tops, at Femmeluxefinery they have some super fancy black lace bodysuits

adina nanes femme luxe jeans

The third item I want to show you is a pair of ripped mom jeans from Femmeluxefinery. I love mom jeans, they are super comfortable and easy to wear. But for me is difficult to find a pair that fits perfectly. Well, this pair from Femmeluxefinery is a perfect fir for me. And they are so, so comfy and have such a cute fringe detail at the end. I've paired them with high heels and with the fabulous black top that I've talked about earlier. 

Another item I've got from Femmeluxefinery was a beautiful black corset dress which unfortunately was too small for me. I should have gotten a bigger size, because that dress was amazing and super sexy!  But next time I will get the right size!

I love Femmeluxefinery and can't wait to show you guys what I get next from them! You should definitely go and visit them and buy something, because another great thing is that their prices are amazing!

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