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I have a big passion for dresses, so I have many in my wardrobe. But I'm always looking for new dresses to buy, mostly midi dresses in light fabrics and with a feminine and classy design. 

As you probably guessed by now, in today's post I'm going to talk to you a little bit about cheap clothes for women with an emphasis on dresses and where to buy them. 

I've recently discovered a new website that has amazing dresses. It's called Callabuy and it's an online store where you can find dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories for amazing prices. Plus, they offer international shipping which is free if your order is above 69$. I think this is super cool!

However the main topic of this article is all about the dresses. I have selected a few fashion dresses from Callabuy that I absolutely fell in love with. My favourite dress is by far the coffee dress with big floral print on it. I love the big pink flowers that mix so well with the light coffee flowers. This dress is perfect for a wedding, for a garden party and even for a romantic dinner. It's very feminine, made out of a flowy fabric and will look amazing on any woman. 

My second favourite is the polka dots dress. You probably know by now that one of my favourite prints, besides the floral one, is the polka dots print! And this dress is perfect, the dots are big and look amazing on black. The fabric is a light chiffon that looks so expensive. I also love the fact that this is a maxi dress, because polka dots look best on maxi dresses. 

The purple dress with mermaid hem it's a great choice if you want a really versatile dress in your wardrobe. This is the perfect dress if you want to go to the office, then during the evening you have to attend a cocktail event. You just have to add some accessories and it will be perfect. And the blue floral dress is amazing for a wedding or a baptize. 

If you want to see more fabulous dresses and also other pieces of clothing, then you should go and visit Callabuy website, you will like what you will find there!

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