Where to Find Cheap Makeup Brands

If you have asked me a few years ago what I think about eyeshadow pallets, I would have laughed and told you that the aren't for me. But, with time passing, my opinion has changed. I've started using light and neutral shades and now I'm very into colour and brown and bronze shades. I like to use eyeshadow pallets whenever I want a complex make up for a shooting. 

However, there is one thing about the eyeshadow pallets, they are quite expensive, especially those from big brands. Fortunately I have discovered an online store where you can find cheap makeup brands, it's called Wordmakeup.com. You can find anything your heart desires on their website in regards of makeup and their prices are amazing! And the best thing about this online store is that they are offering international shipping!

I even found many eyeshadow pallets from one of my favourite brands: Huda Beauty. I love their products because their high quality. 

My favourite Huda Beauty Palette is the Nude Obsession Eyeshadow Palette, the light version. I think it's absolutely perfect for a fresh look. It has the perfect size and you can take it in your holiday luggage without a problem and it's shades compliment each other perfectly! You can easily use the light shimmery shades as a highlighter and the brown tones for contouring. Also, the medium version it's perfect for tanned skin. And with these two palettes combined together you won't need anything else for a flawless makeup!  Practically you have three in one eyeshadow palette: highlighter, contouring and eyeshadow!

Of course, you will find other products from Huda Beauty, such as lip contour sets, lipsticks and even 3D eyelashes! And you will find so many other brand products for cheap prices at Wordmakeup.com that you will have to make a huge wishlist on their site and will want to get everything you find! 

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