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It's Holiday season right now and everyone is joyful and is looking for presents or for what to wear during Christmas time or New Year's Eve. It's absolutely the most wonderful time of the year and I just love it! This is why, today's article is all about sparkle and glitter and what you can wear. 

I love Christmas, especially because it's such a festive holiday and I can dress up for family events and also there are parties with friends. Also, right now I can wear as many glittery garments as I want, because it's the perfect time for them. Just look at my gold glitter blouse from, it's absolutely stunning. It's such an elegant piece and it can be worn with so many clothes and colours! I've chosen size 8 and it fits perfectly. The fabric is amazing and it also has some elasticity, so even if you get a wrong size it will fit perfectly. Another thing I like about this top is the fact that I can wear it for other parties and events, not only for the holidays. 

adina nanes christmas look

Another top I love from is the silver one with beautiful puff sleeves. This is such a fashionable and trendy piece and it's also glittery. This one I find it to be more appropriate for the New Year's Eve party and I think I will wear it during that time. I've also chosen size 8 and it fits perfectly. 

As you can see I have a thing for glitter and if you also have a crush on it you can also find glitter dresses at They have some amazing pieces!

adina nanes fancy new year look

Another item from that I's absolutely in love with is the black top with one shoulder off and a big ruffle. It's actually a body and this makes me love it even more. It's elegant, it covers my body perfectly, the fabric has elasticity and it's pretty thick so it will look perfectly and will cover all the small imperfections. I've also chosen size 8 and it fits me like a glove! Also, if you wear it with black palazzo trousers it will look just like a dress. However, if you do not want to think too much on what to wear you can find many Christmas party dresses at!

I'm also thinking to take advantage of the beautiful collection of satin dresses that has right now, as they are so pretty and are a great add to my wardrobe, because I can wear them to so many events for such a long time. All their dresses are very classy and elegant!

adina nanes cargo jacket

And now to move a little bit from the Christmas and New Year's Eve theme, I've got myself a cargo jacket from because it's so fashionable and in trend right now. Also, I loved the shade of beige it has, it's perfect for so many outfits and the design is amazing! I've also chosen size 8 and it's perfect. Also, I love that it came with two types of belts and that it closes with buttons and not a zipper! It has a fantastic price too, it's a treasure and a must for this year that is about to come!

I hope you loved all my proposals for the parties that will happen at the end of the year and I have to tell you a little secret. If you order now, you will get your items super quickly as delivers in less than a week. At least I've got the items in 5 days! Happy shopping to you all!

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