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It's summer time now, so every woman takes advantage of the sun and the high temperatures and goes to the beach or to the pool and wears fancy swimsuits or very light clothing. I know I like to wear as much as possible short dresses and skirts, shorts, light chiffon blouses and flowy clothes in general.

But one of my big issues during this time of the year is the body hair. Let's be serious, if you are a brunette like me, you probably have thick and abundant hair on your legs at least. For me it's a struggle to remove it every three days with the shaving machine and every week with my depilatory device. It's so much time consuming and so, so annoying. This is why I'm always looking for a hair removal treatment that it's effective. 

Also, during summer time it's also a struggle to keep your skin healthy looking.

This is how I've discovered this site called Firstman. They have so many interesting product for lots of purposes that can make us look beautiful while using them and also our lives easier. Visit here their site to find out more.

What caught my attention on their site is the Microwave Radiofrequency Instrument. This is a facial product that  replenishes water, reduces dampness and helps with the anti-ageing process. It uses radiofrequency waves that reaches the deep layers of the skin reducing the fatness which is transformed into water and carbon dioxide. This is how the skin will get more hydrated and will look more healthy. How cool is that?!

They have even more interesting products on their site, you just have to check them out!

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