Loose Wave Sew In Tutorial

How to achieve loose wave look without any damage to your own hair? I think this is what most of women desire to know. With the fast changing of fashion trend, most of women want to have different hairstyles every day to make them more fashionable and charming.

There are many kinds of hairstyles that have been warmly welcomed by women around the world such as loose waves, curly, and straight. Among which, loose waves hairstyle is very easy to manage and can absolutely increase the volume of your hair. To achieve this hairstyle without any damage to your hair, you can buy some hair products such as cheap hair bundles from Maxglam. They use 100% human hair as materials, so their products present a smooth and natural look. You can buy some products made of Brazilian remy hair that has never been processed with chemicals. They have superior quality.

After buying hair products, the key is how to do sew in. Before sewing in, the first thing you need to do is to braiding your whole hair. Braiding plays an important in sewing in. It can be explained as follows: Divide one section of your hair into three pieces. Then grab the right section with your right hand and the left section with your left hand, letting the middle section hang free. In your right and left hands, hold the strands so that you're grasping them against your palm with your middle, ring and little fingers, keeping your index fingers and thumbs free. Then cross the left section over the middle section and cross the right section over the middle section. Continue braiding and finally secure the braid.

When you finish braiding, put the cap or net on your head. If you have leave out, then you don't need to apply closure on the top of your head. Then use the needle with strand to sew the hair bundles into the cap from the back of your head. Leave hair on the top of your head out and use curling iron or flat iron to make the hair flat. The next step is to use curling iron. Choose one small section of your hair and curly it around the iron from the root of hair. Stay for several seconds and repeat this process until your whole hair has been curled. Also, you can use flexi rods. Curly your hair around it and secure the rods. Stay for some time and you can achieve the same look. Brush your hair can make your hair fuller. Some hair spray can be used, which can hold your hairstyle longer.

With bundles sewing in, you can achieve your desired look without damage to your own hair. However, sewing in may cost lots of time. If you don't want to waste your time, you can buy cheap lace front wigs, which is also available in Maxglam. Lace makes the wig comfortable and natural.

Some people are afraid to wear wigs because they think wig is not natural. With lace wigs, you don't need to worry about that. Also, there are lots of tutorial about how to make wigs look natural online, you can search some video to learn.

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