4 Tips on How to Pick Your Mother of the Bride Dress

I know I've written a lot of articles about the perfect wedding dress or how the bridesmaids dresses should look like and I thought it was about time to change the topic a little bit. Why not an article about the third most important person from a wedding after the bride and the groom, the mother of the bride.

I'm sure that the mother of the bride is almost as stressed and worried about how her dress should look like as her daughter, the bride, is too. Everyone will look at the mother of the bride and will notice how she is dressed and how her makeup or hair are done. And this article is coming to help those of you who are to become mothers of the bride in your search of beautiful and elegant mother of the bride dresses.

1. Chose elegant dresses
You will want to look as beautiful as your daughter at her wedding without outshining her and also look properly for your age. You need to wear an elegant dress that will put your features in evidence. I would suggest to go for dresses in light colours  like dusty pink, beige, yellow, light green or dresses with black details.

2. Go for lace or vintage inspired dresses
Also, try lace dresses and not satin ones, but if you really want to wear a satin dress, then avoid bold colours like royal blue or emerald green. If you are a romantic, you should pick a vintage inspired dress and I’m sure everyone will admire you for your choice.

3. Be careful with the weather
Plus, you have to take into account the weather! So, if the wedding is held during the autumn or early spring, you should definitely go for medium length dress and a flattering jacket. If the weather is warm and nice, then pick a long elegant dress and you will look fabulous.

4. Pick the dress that makes you feel comfortable
Another advice to take into consideration is the comfort that the dress gives you. You should chose a dress in which you feel fabulous and comfortable too, because otherwise you won’t enjoy nor your look, nor the wedding.

If you follow these 4 tips on how to pick your dress, you won’t go wrong with anything!

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