4 Pairs of Boots You Must Have

Winter is getting closer by the day, so it's super important to get your wardrobe ready. Also, you should start looking for shoes that are appropriate for cold weather, like: boots and booties. It's super important what shoes you are wearing each season, because they will define your outfit!



One of my favourite online stores for buying shoes is Shoessee. They have quite a big range of shoes for both women and men, all following the latest trends in fashion. They also ship internationally and the best thing is the fact that they have various discounts and sales periods and they also offer free international shipping for all orders over 79$. So, when it comes to women shoes, Luvyle is the place to go!

For this article I've made a selection of winter footwear from Shoessee. I've picked some of my favourite items from their site. 

I have to confess that when it comes to boots my favourite ones are definitely the over the knee boots. I love wearing them with skirts and dresses and I think they are a must have for winter. And I've found the most gorgeous pair of black over the knee boots with high heels at Luvyle. And they also have them on red. Aren't they fabulous? 

Also, I love wearing flat boots too, especially when the roads are icy! And I've found a super cool pair of boots with pointed toe at Luvyle. They are super fashionable and also perfect for bad weather. After all we need to look our best even when the weather is dreary! Plus, this pair of boots you can wear with everything: dresses, shirts and jeans!

Another super cool pair of flat booties are the shiny ones with laces. They will be perfect for an all black look during the winter season. 

And because I love high heels so much, one of my favourite pairs of boots from Shoessee are the red mid calf velvet boots in red. They are fabulous and they will catch the eyes of viewers wherever you would go! Definitely show stoppers!


Of course, at Shoessee you will find much more, you just have to take a look at their products and see which one you like best! 


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