Cute Tops for Fall

Fall season just started and it's time to prepare out wardrobes for lower temperatures, because even though the weather is still warm you don't know when you will need to wear thicker clothes. 


If during the summer is difficult to wear blouses with long sleeves and sometimes even T-shirts because is too hot outside, now the weather is going to be perfect for them. And because I prefer online shopping in today's article I want to show you some really cool pieces from Ninacloak, an international online store that has so many lovely clothes and for affordable prices too. Plus, they offer international shipping, which is free for all orders over 75$!

So, if you were looking for tops online that have a really good price, Ninacloak is the place to go! I've selected a few of my favourites items from their site to show you what you can find. For example the blouse with vertical stripes and long sleeves is a great choice for early fall. It's made out of cotton, it's not too thick and will look great with a pair of jeans. And for those days when is chilly outside and you have to wear a leather jacket, the grey T-shirt with a message printed on it is a really good option!

If you prefer vintage blouses for fall, you can find them at Ninacloak. One in particular that I find really appropriate for fall is the brown turtleneck blouse with long sleeves. It's great to combine it with a pair of flare jeans and a hat for a 70s look. And for warmer days, the white blouse with lace insertions is just what you need for a feminine vintage look! Combine it with a midi skirt and a pair of high heeled pumps. 

Of course, at Ninacloak you will find more cute tops from where you can chose, you just have to go and see their online shop!

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