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adina nanes femmeluxe white blouse

You know how much I love to order clothing items from FemmeLuxefinery and I've made a new order and got myself some really nice tops and a dress, which I absolutely adore! All are perfect for spring summer season and I can not wait to have the perfect occasion to wear them outside! 

FemmeLuxefinery.co.uk, for those who don't know it, is an online store that has amazing clothes that follow the latest trends. I've even put my eyes on some sets from their new loungewear collection!

Now for the items I've ordered this time. I've got a fabulous white blouse which is my favourite item from all of them! It's super fancy and the a statement piece for sure. It just turns heads when you wear it! I love the fact that has a long V decolletage and a lovely bow, which is such a feminine touch. The flare sleeves and the peplum are also a great add to the whole design. I can wear it with mom jeans, skinny jeans, other types of trousers and even skirts. It's a super versatile blouse!

adina nanes femmeluxe black corset

I've got also two PU leather corset tops, one on white and one on black. They are a great add to my wardrobe, because they can be also worn like tops with jeans, trousers, skirts as I did in the photos, but they also go super well underneath sheer blouses making them way fancier. These two tops are perfect to wear to a party or when you want to have a night out in the town. Plus, they are tailored to perfection!

And while we are talking about tops, I've also put my eyes on some lovely T shirts from Femmeluxefinery. They have some really interesting messages written on them and I love the fact that each T Shirt can be found on black and white too! And all of us should have in our wardrobes a few black and white T shirts, they are basic pieces after all. 

adina nanes femmeluxe white leather corset

Also, I have also on my whishlist some pairs of joggers from Femmeluxefinery. They will definitely go super well with a T Shirt and are super comfortable. Plus, at Femmeluxefinery they have joggers in so many colours and models, which I love. It's really difficult to find in physical stores a pink pair or a light blue pair for example. Also, they can be worn at home, at the gym, when taking a walk in the park, practically everywhere whenever you want to be comfy and also looking good!

adina nanes femmeluxe dress with hearts

Now for the last item I've got from Femmeluxefinnery, it's a super cute dress in black and white and with small hearts printed on it. I find it so feminine and perfect for summer time, especially for a holiday near the sea! I can't wait to wear it with flats or with a pair of white wedges! 

I love Femmeluxefinery and can't wait to show you what I get next from them! Meanwhile you should definitely go and visit them and buy something, because another great thing is that their prices are amazing and they ship internationally!

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