4 Ways to Style Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Human hair lace front wigs are popular, stylish, and are a great choice when you want to wear a wig that looks like real hair rather than an artificial wig. The question remains, however: how should you style them? The following are 5 ways to style your human hair wigs.

Messy-Yet-Chic Ponytails
Who doesn't love a good ponytail? While there's nothing wrong with a sleek ponytail, there's something oh-so-fashionable about a stylistically messy ponytail--especially in the spring and summer. A messy but chic ponytail combined with your favorite sunglasses and a summer outfit will be more than Instagram-worthy! How to achieve this look: this look is fairly simple. Pull your hair into the ponytail as you see fit, then carefully lay down your edges to make sure that they don't show. You may need to use some product to keep the hair covering your edges, especially if you plan to be active that day. You can also combine the ponytail with a hat or scarf to reduce the chances of peeking. 

Side Flip
A side flip style--or having the front section of one side of your hair flipped over to create a bouncy part--is great for many different styles, ranging from casual to elegant. One of the benefits of doing a side flip is that it's very easy and doesn't require too much product to stay in place. How to achieve this look: this is another simple look. All you need to do is take the front section on one side of your hair, and flip it backwards to create the appropriate flip effect. Make sure your edges are down and covered, and if necessary, apply a little product to keep your hair in place.

Dramatic Side Part
One of the best parts of using human hair lace front wigs is the ability to do all sorts of parts that just aren't possible with wigs that have scalp pieces or scalp coins. Human hair wigs with a lace front look great with dramatic side parts, and best of all you can usually maneuver the hair to cover the edges without too much trouble. How to achieve this look: use a parting comb or brush and part your wig like you would your normal hair. Use product if necessary, and be sure to check your edges. You should use some product to keep things in place in order to keep the part looking crisp all day.

Partial Braids
Braids look great no matter what the season, so if you're looking for something fashionable, why not partially braid your lace front wig for a unique and memorable look! How to achieve this look: plan out your braids before you begin so they won't be lopsided, then braid your lace front hair in sections. It's best if you have someone helping you with this look so that the braids aren't messy or sloppy. 


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