Trending Now: Pineapple Bikini Swimwear

What do you think of pineapple bikini for bathing suits? Even though the summer it's ending very soon, that doesn't mean that the high temperatures won't be present in September too! So, you can still buy a swim suit and the pineapple bikini is a really cute and fun choice. You can find it online at Rosegal!

Maybe you're one of those people who chose to spend their vacation in September, like I do. And I'm sure you will go somewhere to the sea side. And for this you will need a really interesting and fun swim suit. So, for today I have a wishlist with some really cute bathing suits that also have interesing prints on them! You can find them all  online at Rosegal at amazing prices.

My favourite swim suits from the bunch are the first one with tropical print and the one with pineapples and yellow bikini. They are perfect to be worn during a holiday, especially if it's in an exotic place, somewhere on an island.

These type of bathing suits will also look fabulous in photos too!

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