Maxi Dresses From Luvyle

Fashion is always changing so fast that it's not very easy to keep with it. We all want to dress accordingly to the latest trends in fashion, but this means we have to invest time and money into searching for fashionable clothes and for the best prices. This is why I'm always trying to find for you online stores that sell clothes, footwear and accessories at affordable prices. 

Summer Holiday Look: The Maxi Dress

adina nanes summer dress

Dress/Rochie - Bonprix (HERE/AICI) | Hat/Pălărie - Asos


[RO]: Tocmai ce m-am întors dintr-o mică vacanță la munte. Trebuia să schimb puțin peisajul, mai ales că era o caniculă de toată frumusețea în București, iar pe lângă asta voiam să mai văd și alte locuri, să fac și altceva. Așa că, am plecat pentru câteva zile în centrul țării, în apropierea munților Făgăraș și am vizitat mai multe locuri faine. Unul dintre ele este Mănăstirea Cârța, unul dintre locurile mele preferate din țară. Cred că este a patra a oară când ajung aici și îmi place locul la fel de mult ca prima oară când l-am descoperit.

Bodysuits and Waist Trainers for a Perfect Body from FeelinGirl

Today's article has a delicate subject that it's often avoided and not discussed. I don't know why is that, because I'm sure many women out there have questions and would like to know more about it. I'm talking about those parts of the body like the belly, tights and booty that are not that toned and have a little excess of fat that we women are not that fond of. The causes are multiple from hormonal imbalances, to eating too much fat or sweet foods to giving birth. However we avoid talking about these issues and we usually try to get in shape and hide it through loose clothing.

What Can You Find at Yesbabyonline

Online shopping is one of my favourite activities and I love to discover new online stores and see what kind of offers and discounts they have! I think it's easier to shop online rather than in physical stores, because is less time consuming, you don't have to try and look for a certain size between clothes and not find it, in online stores you know right from the beginning if they have your size or not! Online shopping is less time consuming and it's by far a better choice if you ask me.

Fancy Prom Dresses from Yesbabyonline

It's never too early to prepare yourself for the homecoming season and to pick your dress! It's better to avoid that pressure of finding the perfect dress just before the prom. Everyone is looking then and under pressure you won't be able to make a good decision. So, you should start now and for this I'm here to help you in this process. 

Lavender Dream

adina nanes gradina de lavanda
Dress/Rochie - Bonprix (HERE/AICI) | Hat/Pălărie - Asos
Straw basket/Coș din rafie - Bonprix (HERE/AICI)

[RO]: De câțiva ani buni încerc să ajung într-un câmp cu lavandă, numai că nu sunt foarte multe astfel de locuri în apropiere de București. Ba chiar cred că nu erau mai deloc astfel de câmpuri în România în urmă cu patru-cinci ani. Din fericire lucrurile s-au schimbat, iar acum apar din ce în ce mai multe câmpuri de lavandă și la noi în țară, iar unele dintre ele sunt destul de aproape de capitală, lucru care mă bucură enorm!

Lovely Lace wedding Dresses

It's full wedding season now and everyone is looking for wedding dresses from the new collections to see what's in trend right now and to find that unique dress before anyone else. Unfortunately, not all the women have time to go to wedding fairs or to wedding shops to find the dress for their dream wedding and many of them search for the perfect wedding dress online.
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