Rosegal Halloween Wishlist

Halloween is just around the corner, only one week left and I'm sure many of you are celebrating by going to themed parties where you have to dress up. Usually is difficult to find a cool costume or to dress up like your favourite character mostly because it's not easy to find costumes.

But I've found a solution for you, it's called Rosegal and it's an online store with a huge range of wonderful products and they also have Halloween costumes. That's pretty cool, don't you think so too?

Also, during this period they have a special promotion going on right now called Rosegal Halloween Sale where you can find many products at special prices and also some amazing costumes as you can see in the photos from this post. I've made a selection of a few products, just to see how amazing they are and also every picture it's clickable and will send you to the product on the site.

Plus, you can also get a new product 30% off + turntable draw coupon, up to 20% off (full reduction) if you are a new customer.

And you can use the code "RGTina" to get a discount of 3$ for all orders over 25$ or a 6$ discount for all orders over 50$ or a 12$ discount for all orders over 100$. 

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